20 Times a Small Business May Need Professional Junk Removal Services.

List of 20 Instances small business will need to call for junk removal

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20 Times Your Small Business May Need Junk Removal Help.

We tell people all the time, just put our number in your phone.” You never know when you might need junk removal help. It’s true at home (your fridge just crapped out!) and it’s true at work (you just received a huge shipment with more pallets and boxes than you know what to do with).

The business equivalent of “putting us in your phone” is to “get us on your vendor list.” This way, there are no administrative delays in getting your junk problem solved. Once approved, we can offer same or next day service.

There are lots of reasons to outsource waste removal to a professional junk removal service. But that’s not what we’re covering here. This is a list of 20 instances a small business may need junk removal help. If you’ve never used a junk removal service before, this will provide context for when you do.

Photo of job site in Charlotte before trash and stash removed construction debris

1. Renovation/ Construction.

After a renovation or construction project, there may be leftover materials, debris, and other items that need to be removed. A junk removal provider can haul away loose debris, packaging and fixtures.

2. Moving to a New Office.

When moving into a new office space, the previous tenants may have left behind furniture, e-waste, cubicles, equipment, or other items that need to be cleared out. Call a junk removal specialist to efficiently remove the clutter.

Office cubicles and computer monitors to remove
Storage Tote

3. Spring Cleaning/ Recurring Decluttering.

Planned/ scheduled cleaning for when a business needs to declutter, organize and remove unwanted items.  It’s good practice to regularly schedule junk removal pickups to stay ahead of junk problems.

4. Before and After Events.

When a business is preparing for a major event, such as a conference or trade show, they may need to remove old equipment, signage, and other items to make room for new items.

After the event there may also be a lot of waste and garbage that needs to be removed.

Junk removal pros can also help at the event location with site cleanup, debris removal and dumpster rentals/ servicing.

Trash and Stash unloads at trade show
Flooded laundry room or basement

5. Disaster Clean Up.

After a disaster, (natural like a hurricane or a building failure like a burst pipe), a small business may need junk removal services to clean up debris, remove furniture, fixtures and other damaged items. Junk removal companies can work with remediation companies, restoration services and insurance to back to work as soon as possible.

6. Downsizing. Closing.

If a business is downsizing, relocating, or closing, there may be a lot of items that need to be cleared out. This may include office equipment, e- waste, fixtures, furniture, spoiled product and retail merchanise.

Removal of store fixtures from department store in Rock Hill, SC
commercial printer to be disposed of

7. Upgrading Equipment.

When upgrading or replacing equipment, there may be old equipment, electronics, computers, parts, and other items that need to be disposed of.

8. Upgrading Office Space.

When renovating or upgrading office spaces, old furniture, cubicles, office equipment, and other items may need to be removed.

office and cubicle removal in fort mill
Old signage that needs to be removed after rebrand.

9. Rebranding.

If a business is undergoing a rebranding, old signage, logos, fixtures, marketing materials, and other items may need to be removed.

10. Change in Ownership.

When a business is changing ownership or management, there may be old documents, files, and other items that need to be securely disposed of.

This also happens when a business is undergoing a merger or acquisition. Equipment, paperwork and fixtures may get consolidated.

Stashy Leading a Roundtable Discussion
Removing cardboard boxes and shipping material from loading dock

11. Cardboard & Box Removal.

If your business receives shipments you’re probably dealing with a ton of cardboard, boxes, plastic wrap and Styrofoam. This packing material takes up space in the shop and is hard to recycle. A junk removal service can help take it away.


12. Change in Operations.

After a business has undergone a significant change in operations, such as a shift to e-commerce, there may be a lot of old inventory, equipment, or supplies that need to be removed.

Trash & Stash Junk Removal Van
junk removal following an office move

13. Moving to a New Location.

When a business is moving to a new location, old furniture and equipment may need to be removed. There may be junk removal opportunities both pre- and post- move.

14. Document Disposal & Removal.

Over time, businesses accumulate a lot of old documents, files, and other paperwork. They may need a junk removal service to take it away. Sensitive documents will need to be shredded by a document shredding company.

Junk removal company's an help dispose of old files and documents.
Trash and Stash pickup loaded with pallets

15. Pallet Removal.

Businesses who have a loading dock and receive lots of shipments may need a junk removal service to help dispose of pallets and shipping crates. Pallets are heavy and bulky so they clutter a loading dock quickly.

16. Shop Waste.

Many home services businesses replace, remove and then temporarily store old fixtures, broken equipment and waste materials. A junk removal provider can help haul this stuff away to keep the warehouse tidy.

Warehouse full of product to be cleaned out

16. Old Merchandise and Spoiled Product Removal.

Small retail stores, warehouses and food product businesses may have to manage old inventory & expired product. Junk removal professionals can efficiently and properly dispose of this product.

17. Hazardous Material.

Many small businesses generate waste products that can’t be thrown away. Things like old paint cans, tires, batteries, light bulbs, aerosol cans, or chemicals. A professional junk removal company can remove hazardous material safely.

Flammable product that needs to be removed from a warehouse.
old apple computer

18. E- Waste Removal.

When computers, monitors, printers and phones break down or become outdated, they need to be disposed of properlyElectronic waste contains harmful chemicals, such as lead and mercury, which can be harmful to the environment. Junk removal pros can safely dispose of electronics.

19. Dumpster and Trash Enclosure Cleanout.

If you’re in a business park or shopping center, you may be responsible for cleaning up dumpster overflow and trash enclosures. These are problem areas for many businesses. Overflowing dumpsters trigger penalties from the waste haulers. A junk removal service can help on- demand.

Open self storage unit with boxes & furniture

20. Storage Cleanout.

Many businesses have cluttered storage areas. Outdated and unaccounted for equipment, documents, electronics and product. These spaces are easy to ignore until they become a problem. You may call a junk removal service to help sort through and remove items from your storage areas.

Bonus: Scrap Metal Removal

Trash and Stash recycling metal at Rock Hill scrap yard

Many businesses, like HVAC companies and plumbers regularly accumulate scrap metal. Metal can be recycled and scrap yards pay a small fee to “buy your metal.” It takes a lot of time and effort to make money off scrap metal. So, small businesses may need to consider time, effort and opportunity costs when making a decision about how to best recycle their metal waste. Junk removal companies will collect scrap metal for a fee (be wary though… not all of them will actually recycle it). Scrappers may not charge a fee for removal but may have more limited work scope and time availability.

Trash and Stash Junk Removal

Trash and Stash makes it easy for small businesses in Fort Mill, Charlotte & beyond to get rid of shop waste and bulk trash. Let’s chat about getting set up as a vendor for whenever your small business needs junk removal help!

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Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.

*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

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Cameron Ungar

Junk removal was not my first career choice. It was my best choice though. I used to run events for a living. I did that for almost 15 years until a global pandemic launched me into the junk removal business. I’m an expert in operations, team building & creating incredible customer experiences. And... I love helping people simplify their lives.

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