Becoming a force for good.

How we're balancing purpose & profit.

Our business was borne out of the global pandemic. A move towards action. Towards community. It was a reaction to mass consumerism and corporate greed.
During hard times we found love & support. We found purpose.
Read on to learn more about what we’re doing.  

Think Local. Act Local.

The world is a big place. And global change is a problem too big for me to comprehend. 

But I can change. And I can help the people in my community. Small everyday decisions that positively affect the people closest to me can make a big difference in all our lives.

And if enough of us make these small incremental decisions to give back and do better, then that can move the “global needle.”

That’s what we’re trying to do. Make the choice to do the best we can as often as we can. Be thoughtful. Purposeful. Consistent. Learn and get better.

– Cameron Ungar, Owner

The first time...

The first time we went to the landfill and dumped “junk” that wasn’t “trash” it felt bad. We solved a problem for our customer. We got the junk out. But we contributed to a larger problem. This is bad math. We decided we had to do something different.

Through recycling partnerships, resale programs and an operational focus on more sustainable disposal practices, we set our sites on becoming the most environmentally responsible junk removal business in the world.

Here’s what we’re doing about it.

What we're doing about it. B- Corp.

Trash and Stash is looking to become the first junk removal service with a B- Corp Certification

We’re proud to be the first B Corp certified junk removal business in the United States.  We’re using the certification as both a guide and accountability tool.

“Certified B Corporations are businesses that do more than make a profit. B Corps prioritize people and our planet in everything they do.”
– B Labs

There are over 2,000 certified B corps in the US and Canada, some with familiar names. Companies like Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, Toms and New Belgium Brewing.

There are 5 categories that need to be address as part of the B Corp certification process.

Governance: We’re now legally established as a Benefits Corporation ensuring that our company will always balance purpose & profits supported by an independent advisory committee.

Workers: We pay all of our employees a living wage in addition to offering benefits that include funding HSA accounts to offset Marketplace Insurance Plans, cover vision, dental & cancer insurance, offer paid vacations, PTO & sick leave, performance bonuses, uniforms, match Simple IRA contributions, provide professional and personal development programs and give discounts on 2nd Life purchase opportunities.

Community: We donate 1% of gross sales to the Isabella Santos Foundation and another 1% to the Anne Springs Close Greenway. We provide paid weekly volunteer time to our employees with established volunteer relationships at Envision Charlotte/ Innovation Barn, Junior Achievement of Central Carolinas, Bright Blessings & the Indian Land Action Council.

— See our signed and formal Implementation Plan for Community Giving here. —

Furthermore, we’re committed to purchasing our core products (at least 50% of non- labor expenses) from independent and local suppliers.

As a local, service-based business, we’ll also continue to focus on serving our local Fort Mill/ Charlotte community (more than 75% of our customers are from or based in Metrolina).

Environment: We’re dedicated to donate, resell and recycle the junk we pick up first. Before dumping. In 2023, we kept nearly 250k lbs of “junk” out of the landfill. We aim to reduce what goes to the landfill by 50% this year.

Customers: We provide exceptional service (600+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews) with established quality control and feedback mechanisms. We offer a service guarantee.

Here’s more about our B Corp Journey.

PDF Presentation

B Corp Status: Certified!. Updated: 3.27.24

The results.

junk diverted from landfill in 2023

in 2023, Trash and Stash customers kept 248,243 lbs. of “junk” out of the landfill. This breaks down as follows:

– 156,400 lbs. of donated furniture, clothing, books and housewares.

– 62,859 lbs of metal recycled.

– 1,434 lbs of electronics properly destroyed and responsibly recycled (with certificates).

– 7,550 lbs of items resold to help raise money for rare pediatric cancer research.

– 20,000 lbs of other/ miscellaneous materials like pallets recycled.

In total, we handled 846,108 lbs of “junk” while diverting nearly 30% of the total waste from Charlotte- Area Landfills.

Contact us to learn more about our work, the B Corp process are to schedule a junk removal pickup.

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