8 Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Garage in Rock Hill, SC

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How do I clean out my garage?

We spend lots of time in people’s garages… including our own. So we know, the garage is one of the most cluttered rooms in the house. The idea of cleaning out our garage can be overwhelming. That’s why we reached out to Aliz Sass, professional organizer and owner of Un- Mess My Nest.

She helped us create this easy 8 step checklist to clean out our garage. We’ve also added a list of 6 Rock Hill organizations to help responsibly get rid of our garage clutter.

8 steps to clean out your garage.


Plan ahead.

Be sure to allow enough time and space for your garage cleanout. If you try to rush through the project, you run the risk of creating a bigger clutter problem. Be patient and systematic.



Decluttering a garage means sorting the stuff you have into piles. Gather empty boxes, totes, bags and tarps to support your purging & piling efforts. Use what you have, borrow what you don’t. Don’t “run to the store to buy” any organizational product at this time.



Go through your garage. Be thorough and ruthless. Remember that most everything in our garage is perishable, borrowable or replaceable. Wasted space in our home has a cost and it’s higher than you realize.

reviewing items to remove from the garage



As you purge, sort into piles. Keep. Donate. Trash. Make sure the piles are distinguishable. Give yourself enough room. You’ll need to see what you have so you can estimate what’s going back into the garage and how you’ll get rid of the rest.



Before putting everything back, take advantage of the empty garage. It could be as simple as cleaning the garage floors. Or, you could do the improvements you wish you had done before the clutter got in the way. Paint the walls and ceiling. Add the epoxy floor coating. 

Garage floor projects are a great time to declutter your garage

Frank Baliva at Paradise Coatings advises, “A resinous floor coating requires the entire garage to be empty. With everything out of the garage, we can diamond grind the concrete and install a flake flooring system. In as little as 24 hours later, everything can be put back in.”


Put Back.

Move everything from the keep pile back into the garage. This is where you can buy some organization products (we’d still recommend upcycling options like Stashy’s Hide- Away). Add shelves and racks. Focus on access and functionality. Make the things you use often easy to get to and easy to put back.


Pack it Out.

Get rid of the trash and donation piles. Have a game plan for what’s going where and how you’re going to get it there. Use the list below!



Develop and maintain good habits. Effective garage organization should make this a whole lot easier. Put things back where you found them. Avoid clutter and be disciplined about what you buy. Consider consulting with an organizer like Aliz to be sure you’re set up for long term success.

Downloadable Garage Cleanout Checklist.

Our 8 step garage cleanout process in checklist form. Download this simple checklist to plan and execute a successful garage cleanout. Recapture your space. Make it easy to get to the things you need. Park the cars in the garage!

6 Responsible Ways to Get Rid of Garage Clutter in Rock Hill, SC.

Decluttering the garage is only half the job. The other half is getting rid of the donate and trash piles. Most junk isn’t trash. It’s just no longer useful to us. In that case, check out these useful organizations that helps reduce what goes to the landfill, puts it in the hands of people who can use it and supports important Rock Hill- area causes. These organizations take care of the most common garage clutter items.

Rock Hill Community Tool Shed

[Tool Donation] The Rock Hill Community Tool Shed is a “program that allows residents, neighborhood associations and community organizations to borrow tools and equipment at no charge to beautify and maintain their communities.” Any resident can submit an online request here. Contact the Neighborhood Empowerment Division for donations.

Charlotte Re- Cyclery

[Bicycle Donation] Charlotte Re-Cyclery is a community bike shop that functions as a resource for learning bicycle mechanics, cost- efficient repair, accessories and refurbished bikes. The goal is to support community, mobility and access to knowledge. Connected the Re- Cyclery is Trips for Kids that provides “transformative cycling experiences for underserved youth.” Charlotte Re-Cyclery accepts bikes, bike parts and accessories.

Rock Hill Drop Off Locations: Bike Town, College Cycles & Dick’s Sporting Goods

Innovation Barn (Exchange Board)

[Community Sharing] The Innovation Barn is “ground zero for Circular Charlotte, a joint project with the City of Charlotte to transition Charlotte to a circular economy.” They accept all sorts of difficult- to- dispose of recyclables like plastic and glass, They also have an Exchange board/ “wish list” where community members can post either items they have to give- away or items they’re looking for. This is a great way to get items out of your garage and into the hands of people who want/ need it.

Community sharing/ exchange program at Innovation barn in Charlotte

Trash and Stash Junk Removal.

[Full Service Junk Removal] Trash and Stash provides residential customers with affordable, professional and eco- friendly junk removal. We donate, recycle or resell stuff before dumping. By capitalizing on recycling partnerships (including relationships with the above mentioned organizations) we’re a one- stop shop. By far the easiest way to responsibly dispose of garage clutter. Contact us to discuss your garage cleanout project.

Friends of the York County Library

[Book Donation] Friends of the York County Library is a non- profit, volunteer organization that “provides advocacy and financial support for the York County, SC Library.” This group operations Friends Books on Main, a book store at 206 East Main Street, Rock Hill.

Tender Hearts

[Holiday Decoration Donation] Based in York, SC Tender Hearts is, “a community of people working together to change lives through women’s shelters, men’s shelters, baby care and senior care programs.” Tender Hearts accepts clothing, household goods, furniture and holiday decorations. They’re also always in need of personal hygiene items.

*Bonus* Play It Again Sports- Rock Hill, SC

[Sporting Goods Resale] Play It Again Sports in Rock Hill is a great place to resell used sporting equipment. Shoes, golf clubs, sports gear and fitness equipment may all have cash value. It’s a nice way to get the clutter out of the garage while putting a few bucks in your pocket and giving the equipment a second life.

Our garages take a lot of abuse. We use them as household warehouses. Storing items that are either no longer useful in the house or have no place in the house. Though most of us pass through our garages everyday, the stuff in there is still, somehow, out- of- sight, out- of- mind.

No more. With these 8 simple steps and 6 helpful resources, cleaning out your garage can be easy. Get started today!


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Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.

*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

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