About Trash & Stash

Inspiring big changes with simplicity & humanity.

What do we want? We want to be the most eco- friendly, most considerate, most responsive, easiest to use junk removal service in the greater Charlotte area. We want to make it super simple for people to do the right thing with the stuff they don’t need anymore. 

Trash and Stash Mission Statement

Remove junk. Relieve stress. We make it easy for people to get rid of the clutter and the anxiety it causes. we find ways to improve the lives of the people closest to us. We focus on reducing our community’s negative impact on the world around us.

We do this because we live in a disposable world fueled by intrusive consumer marketing where we’re manipulated to buy things we don’t need and rewarded with instant gratification. We want to counter this by helping people filter and refocus. Gain balance.

Household clutter is stressful. No matter how it happened, the stuff we accumulate gets overwhelming. And costly. We see it everyday with our customers. But the truth is we deal with it in our own homes too. This is why we started Trash & Stash. We needed a way to regain control, get space back & to find ways to actually enjoy the things we treasure.

Junk removal as a lifestyle brand?

Our purpose is to help people simplify their lives. Said more simply… we solve “stuff” problems.

We know this sounds grand but the idea is simple. Too much stuff distracts from the things that are important. So, when we remove junk we remove the distractions. Then it’s easier to focus on the important things. In this context, junk removal service is more than a convenience/ It’s the first step in a simplified life. 

Green Goals

B Corp Certification has been a goal of ours from the beginning. In 2023 it’s the plan. We are working on becoming one of (if not) the first junk removal business that is B Corp certified. This certification is an executable plan, accountability system and commitment to environmentally and socially responsible operations. Stay tuned to track our progress.

This first step is an important one because it’s the beginning of a journey. A journey we want to be a part of. We see Trash & Stash as both an instrument for change & a support resource. This is why we do more than junk removal. We’re a one- stop shop to declutter. Trash & Stash is a multi- tool for people interested in simplifying & minimizing.

Rage Against the Information Machine

Today, we’re bombarded with intrusive & targeted marketing campaigns. We’re manipulated to buy things we don’t need & rewarded with instant gratification.We started Trash & Stash to counter this. To give people the tools to filter & refocus.

We are proud BNI members. Check out our BNI business presentation to our local chapter, Ballantyne at 9.

What We Believe. What We Practice.

Shockingly Human

We do junk removal & help folks declutter. But our business is taking care of people. And we want to do that better than anybody else. Our business depends on connecting with our customers as people. Connecting in real ways. That starts with being considerate, honest, respectful & accountable. Being human.
To this end, we use technology when it makes things easier, better & more affordable. We won’t use it to replace human connection. When you call, you’ll speak to a live & local person.
Our team is special. We have to be. You’re trusting us in your home. We’re invited guests. You’ll know the driver before he arrives because you’ll have already chatted. The crew will be ready for the job & your time is respected.
Trash & Stash staff is background checked, drug tested & trained.
We empower our team to provide shockingly human service. This is possible because the team’s responsible for the success of the company. They have ownership. Pride in who we are. We use a unique hiring pipeline model. All new Trash & Stash team members start at the same level. As they gain experience, pay & responsibility increases follow. This means promotions are always internal. Our greatest investment is in our people, because our people are our business.

Hyper- Local

We’re local & community based. Fort Mill, South Carolina is our home & service area. Our service area is small so we can best serve our neighbors & exceed our service promise.

Whenever possible, we’ll hire or buy local. In a post COVID-19 world, the biggest day to day impact comes from those closest to us.

Keeping money in the local economy makes a big difference.

South Carolina Flag on Junk Removal Truck


We all leave an impression on the world around us, we want ours to be a good one. Here’s some of the ways we do that:

  • Treat others better than the way we wish to be treated.
  • Do what we say we’re going to do. Even if its hard, costly & time consuming.
  • Communicate clearly. Be direct, respectful & timely. Be solution oriented.
  • Leave things better than we found it.
  • Be sustainable. Adopt practices to reduce waste.
  • Give back. Find ways to support the community.

My Story... The 1st Chapter of the 2nd Book.

Cameron Ungar Personal Bio
My name’s Cameron & junk removal was not my first career choice…
I used to run events for a living. For nearly 15 years I managed stadiums & arenas.

Because of my former life, I’m an expert in operations, team building & creating incredible customer experiences. 

With this expertise & an entrepreneurial spirit, I built a successful event services business. I managed sports events all over the US until…

A global pandemic

The events industry was amongst the first hit by the lockdowns. It’ll also be one of the last to recover. But with difficult times, comes opportunity.
Lucky for me, events professionals wear lots of hats. That’s because event management is a collection of skills. So, I’m comfortable leading a team & working on deadline. Event management is really project management & executing on operational plans. Beyond that, I’ve led sustainability programs & administered waste management contracts. I enjoy working with people & have fun with the sales process. One of my favorite things about events was getting my hands dirty with the manual set up and tear down work.

And this is what excited me about junk removal.

The first few months of the pandemic were hard. I searched & studied. My days were filled with online learning. I earned certifications in things like content marketing & network security. These things were really interesting, but not careers for me. I even tried selling cars. But still I struggled to start my next chapter. And then, it hit me...
You see, my superpower is simplifying complex problems into easily executable processes… and then actually doing the work! I needed a business that best used this skill. But I also wanted to do something that helped people, that was kind of “sweaty,'” that was in demand no matter the economy & that wasn’t going to be replaced by technology.

What I found is Trash & Stash Junk Removal.

I know how complicated my life is. The simpler I could make things, the better. And one of the best ways to simplify is to get rid of the junk… literally. So that’s what I’m doing. Helping people clear their clutter & simplify their lives.
Household clutter is stressful, getting rid of it shouldn’t be.

About Me

My name is Cameron Ungar. I moved to Indian Land, SC from San Diego with my wife & 3 kids in August, 2018. The reason… to improve our quality of life. And that’s exactly what’s happened. We’ve fallen in love with the Carolinas & the southern lifestyle.

Read about my professional accomplishments on LinkedIn.

Meet the Management Team

Jemell Flunory Personal Bio

Jemell “Mel” Flunory
Assistant Field Manager
Since: July, 2021 

Chase Waychoff Personal Bio

Chase Waychoff
VP, Operations
Since: April, 2021

Find more about Chase here!

Trash & Stash is the easiest way to get rid of junk.

Trash and Stash Service Areas

Professional Junk Removal & Moving Help in Fort Mill, Charlotte & the Surrounding Areas.

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Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.
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*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

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