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Your Junk Removal Career Starts with Crew.

[Updated: 3/6/21]
Job Description: Crew
Status: Hourly w/ growth opportunities [Pool]
All new Trash & Stash team members are first hired as Crew. Promotions are internal.

Employment Notes

  • Crew positions are part of an employee pool. This means we will carry more staff than available shifts to allow for scheduling flexibility. Staff will be scheduled for shifts based on their availability & work performance. There will be some opportunities for crew to sign up for available shifts. Regular availability, scheduling flexibility & availability on short notice is highly favored. The more available you are the more you’ll work!
  • Trash & Stash is a brand new business. We expect growth. Lots of it. Over time, schedules & available hours will become more consistent. There will be plenty of opportunities to grow with the company!
  • Background screening & drug testing is part of the recruitment process.

Crew Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Interact with customers in their home, on the phone, video & chat. Have friendly & sincere interactions.
  • Review job & provide cost estimate based on Trash & Stash standard pricing.
  • Remove Junk- includes heavy lifting, taking things apart & cleaning up (hard work). Work conditions may be challenging (hot, damp, dusty, etc).
  • Load Truck- Load truck thoughtfully & efficiently to ensure proper allocation of cargo space.
  • Collect digital payment on tablet device, ask for reviews & referrals before leaving.
  • Sort junk for donation, recycling & upcycling.
  • Unload truck & dispose at recycling centers, donation centers, landfills & transfer stations.
  • Written correspondence with customers.

Our employee screening is rigorous. This is because our crew is the face of the company & we’re trusting them in our customers’ homes. We have strict conduct standards & appearance standards.

All crew members must be 18 years old & older, authorized to work in the US and possess a valid driver’s license.

Background & Details

Trash & Stash is the easiest way to declutter your home. Trash the junk & stash the treasures.

We offer full service junk removal & door- to- door self storage. Based in Fort Mill, SC. Our service area includes Fort Mill, Indian Land, Lancaster, Rock Hill, Ballantyne & Waxhaw.

Junk removal is what we do but our business is to provide a shockingly human customer experience. To connect with people in real ways. To be considerate, honest, respectful & accountable. Trash & Stash was not started to be a commodity service. The way we treat people is what distinguishes us. Not just from other junk removal businesses… but from all other businesses.

This customer obsession is rooted in our mission. Trash & Stash helps people simplify their lives. To quiet the daily noise. More than ever, we’re bombarded with incredibly intrusive marketing tactics. A psychic assault. We’re manipulated into buying things we don’t need. Coerced into excessive consumption & then rewarded with instant gratification. Trash & Stash is a defense against this attack. Removing the junk (literal & figurative) allows us to focus on the important things in life. And it’s more than just a convenience. It’s the first step in a simplified life. Our entire service offering helps our customers simplify their lives. We make valuables more accessible & encourage healthy consumption choices. The intent is that a simplified life leads to a better quality of life.

Quality of life is important for our team too. We’re looking for people who are passionate about connecting with our customers. People who have an entrepreneurial spirit & enjoy hard but meaningful work. Trash & Stash is a “sweaty startup.” We have no track record & no road map. We want people who are excited by this. People who want to carve out their own place in the company.

To foster a shared vision for growth & to create pride in who we are, we use a pipeline employment model. The concept is simple.

Every new Trash & Stash team member starts at the same level. Crew.

All promotions come from within & may not always be vertical. We pay a generous wage & commit to frequent & merit based pay increases. For that generous wage though, we expect a lot.

We empower our team to take incredible care of our customers. To remember we’re guests in our customers’ homes. We need our crew to do their job exceptionally well. To work really hard. To be open to growth & to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

The junk removal business is plagued by frequent turnover. We make a heavy investment in our people. For that, we need to keep them long enough to benefit our customers & the company. We want our Crew to build a career with Trash & Stash. Our success is shared.

If you’ve read this far… we want to hear from you. Complete the application below to start the employment process. Want to learn more still. Read about us.

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