Junk Removal Questions

Costs & Payment

Junk removal costs are based on volume and measured in truck space. We’ll complete an in- person assessment in person and before starting any work. In most cases, we charge per ¼ truck load capacity. Our trucks (Ram ProMaster 1500s) have a cargo capacity of < 15 cubic yards. prices. Call us for the current prices & available specials. surcharges

We’ll always quote junk removal prices in person. We provide a free, onsite junk removal estimate with no obligation! We’ll look at your stuff & price the job based on how much truck space it’ll take up. Our pricing model is simple & easy to understand. If you agree to the costs, we’ll remove the junk. Right then & there! We won’t charge anything until the job’s done! You can also send us pictures of your junk (email, text, chat). We’ll provide our best guess price quote. This virtual quote is a good faith estimate. In this case, once we arrive on site, we’ll provide the actual junk removal rate quote.. If you don’t agree to our estimated costs… no worries. We’ll be on our way & will do our best to earn your business the next time!

No. We can’t give exact junk removal costs over the phone. We’ll provide our best guess. In order to give an exact quote, we’ll need to see the stuff in- person. That way we can determine how much truck space it’ll take up. We’ll provide a free, no obligation quote once we arrive at your home or business.

Nope! There’s no cost for us to come to your house & provide a free junk removal estimate. No credit card required to book an appointment either. We’ll provide a price quote before we do any work & won’t charge any fees until the job is finished.

Tips are not expected but they are appreciated! If you think your crew did a great job & want to say thanks, feel free!

We accept digital payment from our handheld devices once the job is finished. Our crew leader will take payment directly from you & will email/ text your receipt. We do not accept checks or cash.

Check here for any discounts or specials. We are currently running a “Give & Save” promotion. We’re also doing curbside bulk waste pickup at a discounted rate.

Yes! We always prioritize donation options first when disposing of collected junk. If we’re able to donate any of your stuff, we will mail you your donation.


Yes! If your home is in our service area we’ll come to you. There is no cost for us to come out and provide a junk removal rate quote.

Yes! If your business is in our service area we’ll come to you. There is no cost for us to come out and provide a junk removal rate quote.

Of course! We know things come up. We just ask that you give us as much notice as possible before any scheduling change as a courtesy.

We offer same day or next day junk removal service. Just let us know what day works best for you. On the day of your appointment, we’ll provide a 2 service hour window. The driver will contact you when he’s on his way as a courtesy.

In most cases we prefer that you’re home when we arrive. It’s important that we know exactly what you’d like. It’s very hard to get an item back once it’s been processed. That being said, we’ll be in touch to talk about job details before we arrive. If items are easily accessible & clearly marked we can make arrangements to work without your presence.

We schedule same day or next day junk removal service. Call us if it’s an emergency & we’ll do our best to help!

How It Works

Our trucks are Ram ProMaster 1500s. Their carrying capacity < 15 cubic yards. For comparison, this is almost 6 full sized pickup truck loads.

Yes. We will pick up single items. In most cases though, pricing will be based on the amount of truck space used. Our minimum load is 1/4 truck & goes up from there.

We will work hard to pack the truck efficiently to make sure we don’t waste any space.

Yes! We can do a whole house cleanout to remove junk from multiple rooms. Contact us to provide a cost estimate & proposed job timeline

There are 3 simple rules on what we can take (in most cases):

  1. Can be carried by 2 people.
  2. Non- toxic
  3. Not hazardous

Some of the most common junk items we remove are old appliance, electronics & furniture. We’ll remove the items from wherever they’re located & can disassemble or breakdown as necessary.

Here’s a list of the junk items we most commonly remove from our customers’ homes.

Sure! We love taking large & bulky items (even if the item needs to be taken apart). As long as it can be carried by 2 people & fit in the truck, we’ll get it done.

If you aren’t sure text us a picture & we’ll take a look.

There are 3 basic rules on the types of junk we won’t take:

  1. Can’t be carried by 2 people (or won’t fit in truck).
  2. Is hazardous.
  3. Is toxic.

So, the list of junk we can’t remove includes:

  • Asbestos
  • Chemicals (solvents & oils)
  • Storage & oil drums
  • Oil & waste storage tanks

If you’re not sure whether or not we can take your items, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss & review.

Environmental responsibility is one of our core beliefs. As such, our first priority is to donate, recycle & upcycle as much of the junk as possible. We sort the items collected. The landfill is our final option.

We will send you your donation receipts when they’re available.

We use trash as verb… not necessarily a noun. We do dispose of waste but we are not a weekly, curbside waste removal company. We take mostly oversized and solid junk. Furniture, electronics, appliances, bags of household goods (toys, clothes, etc). Also… we aren’t making a B- line to the landfill. We’re committed to environmentally responsible disposal practices. Our first priority is to donate, recycle & upcycle before we ever find ourselves in the landfill.

In most cases, it will not be possible to recover items after they’ve been loaded into the truck. Our crew is busy which means items remain in the truck for very little time. We sort & dispose of the junk in real time.

Give & Save

Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.
Special offer

*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.