Summer Cleaning. How to Declutter with Kids in the House. Plus FREE Declutterl Checklist.

Dog Days Of Summer Are Here. Getter Done and Declutter.

Published: July 21, 2022/ Archive Home

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Here we are in the middle of another steamy hot Carolina summer. This time of year, the living is only easy around here if you’re at the pool, under a shade tree, or inside where it’s air-conditioned. 
With everybody trying to beat the heat indoors, you may have plenty of hands to help clean out the closet, basement, attic, or guest room you’ve been meaning to get to. 

Tidying your home helps organize your mind and get you feeling relaxed — the way you should in summer. 

But… Have you ever tried to declutter your home with your family helping you? You know how it goes: 

Your spouse wants to keep everything you want to throw away and vice versa. Your kids try hard (bless them) but it’s tempting to add them to the donate pile before you’re done. And the teens… what teens? They’ve disappeared, leaving a whirlwind behind them like cartoon characters. 

If you’re decluttering your home with kids or teens this summer, it’s not easy, but it is valuable. Your family gets to learn how to sort, purge, donate, and organize things by helping you do it. 
Here’s how to declutter with kids and not lose your mind:
  1. Set reasonable expectations. Then forgive yourself (and your kids) for not meeting them. Be reasonable about how long you can declutter, what you can get done, and how long you can keep it fun.
  2. Make it fun to tidy up. Yes, organizing can be fun. Put on music, play a game (like beat the clock), or offer rewards. Bribery often motivates teens to pitch in, and whatever works… use it.
  3. Respect your kids’ opinions. When it comes to deciding what to discard, your kids might think differently from you. You don’t want to toss out something they still value. And you might be surprised what they would be glad to get rid of.
Put your house in order this summer — and get all the hands you can to help you out. Tell them it’s cool to clean. It is! 
You don’t want to wind up on an episode of “Hoarders.” You know it’s time to declutter. But you don’t know how. We got you!

Just do it. 
Aim for two minutes of decluttering before you stop.
Have a mission. Decluttering is a commitment, not a whim. 
Donate, donate, donate. It makes letting go a little easier.

Finish decluttering your life with the rest of our top tips.

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