10 Fall Cleaning Tips to Crush the Clutter

Who's Ready for Fall Cleaning?

Published: September 22, 2022/ Archive Home

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Fall Y'all

Welcome to the September edition of Talkin’ Trash, the official e-newsletter of your favorite Fort Mill-area junk removal, moving help and microstorage service where we’ve got autumn on our minds. 

The first formal day of Fall. Today!

Time for cooler temps, pigskin pageantry, playoff baseball, leaves turning (and falling), fuzzy sweaters, pumpkin spice, and the kids and kids-at-heart to obsess over Halloween costumes.

As you rake up those leaves (we can help with yard debris BTW) and put them on the curb, you should also consider rounding up the stuff that’s cluttering up your life. It’s time to get rid of it. 

Make decluttering part of your fall cleaning plan inside and outside your residence. Yes, it’s not as famous as its big cousin, spring cleaning, but fall cleaning is a thing. Why not welcome the new season with a clean slate, clutter-free? 

The idea behind fall cleaning is the same as spring: set aside time to declutter as autumn sets in, helping you shed the summer and spring items you will no longer need in winter and beyond and also find a new home for things your household has outgrown.

Do you have a garage that could be considered a house of horrors? A storage shed that looks like a crime scene, or an attic that your family is scared to retrieve stuff from for fear of cobweb covered clutter?

Call Trash & Stash to solve your autumn clutter nightmares! (Call 855-52-TRASH)

To get you started, here are some tips:

10 Fall Cleaning Tips!

  1. Clean out and organize closets and toss out or donate outgrown clothes and accessories.
  2. Put away summer accessories.
  3. Shred or recycle unneeded paperwork.
  4. Put patio furniture in storage.
  5. Remove screens and install storm windows.
  6. Clean ceiling fan blades.
  7. Take inventory of summer shoes, such as flip-flops, water shoes and sandals – toss the ones that are falling apart and donate the ones that don’t fit.
  8. Clean kitchen hood and exhaust filter.
  9. Declutter and reorganize the garage.
  10. Clean downspouts and gutters.

As we’ve discussed before, the biggest hurdle lots of folks face with decluttering is getting started. I promise, we can help you scale that hurdle too.

Let’s make it a September to remember, and simplify your life and living spaces before the holiday season kicks in again.

– Cameron Ungar, Owner, Trash & Stash, Inc.

No one would ever confuse our mustachioed raccoon mascot Stashy with Mr. Rogers, now would they? Maybe not, but just like the affable Mr. Rogers, who welcomed one and all to his neighborhood, Trash & Stash and Stashy have been embraced by users of hyperlocal social networking platform Nextdoor. 

Trash and Stash receives neighborhood favorite honors

For the second year in a row, Trash & Stash was voted a Neighborhood Favorite in Nextdoor’s annual celebration of local businesses in Fort Mill. It’s a vote of confidence that what we do is resonating with you, our community, and providing a service that people want and need. You can read all about it in our latest blog post here.

Social media post to support trash and stash give and save promotion

We’re always up for testing our mettle, and this fall we are inviting patrons to help us crush our goal by joining Trash & Stash’s Give and Save Challenge to benefit our community partner the Isabella Santos Foundation. How does it work? Between now and National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (Dec. 7), when you donate $25 or more to ISF, a pediatric cancer foundation, get 10% off on junk removal from Trash & Stash.

That donation will go toward our Give and Save Challenge goal of raising $1,000 for ISF, which is based in Charlotte. Can you pitch in and help out our community – and get a deal on junk removal to boot? Get more details and join the challenge here:


While we take pride in Trash & Stash’s 5-star rating on online review platform nicejob.com, we have to admit that not every job goes right. For whatever the reason, sometimes the stars don’t align and we don’t wind up with a satisfied customer – no matter how hard we try. And trust us, we try to serve our customers’ needs better than anyone in the junk removal industry, it’s our mantra. 

full dump trailer

And we’re accountable – we own our work; good and bad. Of the latter, we recently had a dud of job where no one was satisfied, so our bossman did what every noted leader does in such situations – he wrote a blog about it. Wait, it’s not what you’re thinking, it’s not about shaming, it’s about explaining, and learning from mistakes. Think of it as a case study. Check out this detailed blog post to learn more about Trash & Stash’s processes and other insights: https://www.trashandstash.com/dumb-blog/

Women holding phone at waist and texting for junk removal quote

We love sharing what customers have to say about our services, because it’s real talk, not some baloney scripted commercial.

And as we do each month in this newsletter, we’ve found another rave review to share, and help spread the gospel of Trash & Stash.

Check out this ringing endorsement from Reggie Grigg in his five-star online review:

 “Steven and Mel were on time, considerate and quite the gentleman. Our move has been a very emotional and exhausting move and they showed up within two hours of my call and made what would have been a hard day’s work for us in just a few hours. Even sweeter, they itemized the goods to make sure some went to help others and support our community. I cannot say enough good things about these guys. What a wonderful service!”

Thank you Reggie for the kind words – we are so appreciative of having the opportunity to serve you, and as you noted, our greater community. Thanks for sharing your Trash & Stash customer experience story.

Give & Save

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