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Here’s 7 steps and one “cheat” for cleaning out a garage full of junk. 

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How do I clean out my garage?

There are 7 steps to cleaning out a garage full of junk. tidying up a garage takes time. So be sure to set enough of it aside. Give yourself room to pull everything out. 

Sort. Create piles. Keep, donate or dump. Be sincere and a little ruthless. Remember just about everything we keep in our garage is either perishable or replaceable. Once you’ve sorted come up with an organization plan. This includes understanding when and how you’ll need to access your stuff. Game plan for shelves, storage, boxes and containers. Then get rid of the stuff you aren’t keeping.

Lastly improve and clean. Time your clutter cleanout with any other garage projects. Paint, flooring, etc. are good triggers for garage cleanout projects. And be sure to actually clean before putting everything back.

The best way to clean out and organize your garage.

The garage is one of the busiest rooms in the house. It’s a functional storage space that we pass through everyday. Get your car back in the garage and the junk out of there.

Garage cleanout projects can be overwhelming and time consuming. A good shortcut is to call a professional junk removal service. There are several reasons why this is a “cheat code” to decluttering your garage. 

  1. Efficiency- Our experienced team brings expertise and efficiency, ensuring items are properly sorted, recycled, or disposed of. Your time is valuable and we make sure it isn’t wasted.
  2. Safety- We handle heavy lifting and potential safety hazards, sparing you from risks.
  3. Save time & money- With a streamlined process, you save time and effort compared to tackling it alone. Our service prevents multiple trips to disposal sites, translating to cost savings.
  4. Get your space back- We transform your garage into an organized, functional space, minimizing stress and maximizing results. Choose the smart path to a clutter-free garage by entrusting professionals for the best and hassle-free outcome.

Still want to go it alone? No problem. Read on for pro tips to cleaning out and organizing your garage.

Let us help with your garage cleanout?

Ready to reclaim your garage space with the help of our garage cleanout service? Say goodbye to clutter and stress by hiring our top-notch junk removal service. Our experienced team will handle the heavy lifting, sorting, and responsible disposal, leaving you with a clean and organized garage. Don’t waste time and effort – let us transform your space into something functional and inviting. Schedule your garage cleanout service today and experience the convenience and satisfaction of a clutter-free environment. Embrace a hassle-free solution, and enjoy the benefits of a professionally cleaned garage by reaching out to us now! 

More pro tips on clearing out your garage.

Cleaning out a garage can be a daunting task, but with some organization and planning, it can be done effectively. Here are some steps to help you clean out your garage:

  1. Set aside time: Cleaning out a garage can be time-consuming, so it’s important to set aside enough time to do it properly. Plan to dedicate at least a full day, or multiple days, to the task.

  2. Take everything out: Start by taking everything out of the garage. This will give you a clear view of what you have and make it easier to sort through items.

  3. Sort items: Sort the items into categories such as keep, donate, sell or discard. Be honest with yourself about what you really need and what you can do without.

  4. Organize the items you want to keep: Once you’ve sorted the items you want to keep, organize them in a way that makes sense to you. This could mean grouping items by category or placing them in labeled containers.

  5. Get rid of unwanted items: Donate or sell items you no longer need or want. If items are damaged or unusable, dispose of them properly. Remember to keep our info handy to help!

  6. Clean the garage: Once everything has been sorted and organized, take the time to clean the garage. Sweep or vacuum the floors, dust shelves and surfaces, and wipe down walls and windows.

  7. Plan for storage: Determine the best way to store the items you want to keep. Consider adding shelving, pegboards or storage containers to help keep items organized.

By following these steps, you can effectively clean out your garage and create a more organized and functional space.

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