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Easy. Efficient. Eco- Friendly commercial junk removal in the Charlotte metro area. Call our junk removal pros to clear clutter & keep your business on track.

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Don’t let clutter hinder your productivity & reputation. We’ll get your workspace cleaned up.

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We deliver efficient, professional and eco- friendly commercial junk removal in the Charlotte metro area to fit your business needs.

Don’t let clutter affect productivity. Our dedicated service covers office cleanouts, furniture disposal & more. We’re your local solution for timely and hassle-free junk removal.

We’re here. Standing by and ready to tackle your waste removal services. Streamline your operations by clearing out unwanted items. Fast (same or next day) service. Our “near me” service guarantees quick assistance, tailored to your schedule.

Join hundreds of other  Charlotte- area businesses that trust us for their commercial junk removal. Contact us and give your workspace the makeover it deserves.

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5 benefits of outsourcing commercial junk removal to the pros.

Cost Savings

Outsourcing for commercial junk removal cuts the need for in- house equipment & labor. It minimizes injury risk to your team and allows them to maximize productivity.

Time Efficiency

Commercial junk removal service allows your staff to focus on their primary responsibilities while also removing physical obstacles that inhibit efficiency.

Labor Reduction

All businesses have labor challenges. Outsource labor solutions to allow your skilled staff to perform the higher value & more specialized skills that most benefit the business.

Enhanced Efficiency

Cluttered workspaces hinder operational efficiency, affecting employee morale & customer perception. Commercial junk removal services results in a clean, organized, & professional environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Responsible waste management is an essential aspect of running a sustainable business. Reputable commercial junk removal services prioritize eco-friendly disposal methods.

It’s often more cost effective to outsource junk removal than to have your team do it.

When should you call for commercial junk removal? Here's the most common requests we get.

Item Removal

  • Bulky Item Removal
  • Construction Debris Removal
  • Cubicle Removal
  • Electronics (E- Waste) Removal
  • Equipment Removal
  • Expired/ Soiled Product Removal
  • Fixture Removal
  • Hazardous Waste Removal
  • Paint Removal
  • Pallet Removal
  • Retail Merchandise Removal
  • Shop Waste Removal

Commercial Cleanouts

  • Apartment Cleanout
  • Disaster Clean Up
  • Dumpster/ Trash Enclosure Cleanout
  • Eviction Cleanout
  • Moving Cleanout (Pre & Post Move)
  • HOA Cleanout
  • Office Cleanout
  • Storage Cleanout
  • Tenant Cleanout
  • Warehouse Cleanout

Recurring Trash Removal


We, like other junk removal companies remove unwanted items from residential, commercial, and industrial properties. We’re trained professionals with specialized equipment to safely and efficiently remove unwanted items from a property.

Here are some common services offered by junk removal companies:

  1. Household junk removal: This service includes the removal of items such as furniture, appliances, electronics, and other household items that are no longer wanted or needed.

  2. Estate cleanouts: This service is often used when a family member has passed away and the remaining family members need to clear out the home.

  3. Construction debris removal: Junk removal companies can remove construction waste such as concrete, wood, drywall, and other materials from renovation or construction projects.

  4. Commercial junk removal: This service is used by businesses to remove unwanted items such as office furniture, equipment, and supplies.

  5. Recycling services: Many junk removal companies offer recycling services to ensure that items are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

  6. Donation services: Some junk removal companies also offer donation services, which involves taking unwanted items that are still in good condition and donating them to local charities or organizations.

Overall, junk removal companies provide a convenient and hassle-free way to dispose of unwanted items in a safe and responsible manner (we specialize in keeping as much as possible out of the landfill!).

Junk removal costs are based on volume and measured in truck space. Check out our FREE load calculator to get a ballpark estimate. We’ll confirm the quote in- person and before we start any work. This way, you’ll know the cost before you approve the pickup.


Junk removal always starts with a conversation. That could be an online request, email, text, call or chat. When you click the orange “Remove My Junk!” button on this page it’ll have you fill out a simple request form to start that conversation. Once we connect, we’ll listen to your needs and provide a price range.


Some jobs may require us to schedule an assessment. An in- person visit where we can get a better idea of the job scope. Often, we’ll provide a quote during that visit and will then be prepared to do the work at that same time.


More often, we’ll be able to provide a reasonably accurate estimate from that conversation. We’ll then text you a written quote. Once you “approve” the quote, we’ll confirm the appointment. To be clear, quote approval at this point is not a sales commitment. It’s a price acknowledgement, authorization to schedule the work appointment and acceptance of our liability limits.


Once the quote is approved, we’ll schedule an appointment. Appointments are scheduled in 2 hour arrival windows. The crew lead will call or text before heading your way.

Upon arrive, we’ll introduce ourselves and “walk the job” with you. During this time, we’ll ask questions and develop a game plan for safely and efficiently removing your junk. We’ll also confirm the quote at this time. Any changes to the job, quote or schedule will be discussed with you first. Before anything happens.

When you authorize the job, we’ll get started.

Once finished, we’ll confirm the job is completed to your satisfaction and will provide the final invoice. This is usually texted directly to your phone, but we will review it with you. You can pay from your phone. We also accept cash, check or Venmo.

We get rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore. Just show us what needs to go. We’ll safely remove and responsibly dispose of the stuff with a kind, professional team and at a fair price.

Here’s some of the most common commercial junk removal requests.

  • Bulky Item Removal
  • Tenant Cleanouts
  • Foreclosures & Evictions
  • Renovation & Construction Debris
  • Real Estate Sales
  • Expired & Spoiled Product Removal
  • Shipping & Packing Material Removal
  • Shop Waste
  • Construction Site
  • Storage Unit/ Warehouse Cleanouts
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Office Cleanout

These are some of the most common commercial junk items we come across. Not on the list? No worries. Contact us to talk about your junk removal job.

  • Cubicles
  • Office Furniture (desks/ chairs/ file cabinets)
  • Pallets
  • Boxes/ Packing Material
  • Electronics (including computers and printers)
  • TVs & Monitors
  • Out- Dated Marketing Collateral
  • Office Waste (file folder, stationary, printed material)
  • Carpet
  • Construction Debris
  • Yard Waste
  • Household trash
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Expired/ Spoiled Product

Here’s a more comprehensive list of junk removal items we can haul away.

Yes! We are full service, so just show us what needs to go and we’ll take care of the rest. This includes stairs, disassembly, bagging and boxing when necessary. For large office cleanouts or high volume jobs we will coordinate use of dumpsters, moving trucks etc. to move quickly and cost- effectively.

It’s important that we keep things out of the landfill, get reusable items into the hands of people who can use them and raise money for worthy causes whenever we can. To accomplish this we do a few things:

  1. Resell: We’ve developed our 2nd Life Program benefitting the Isabella Santos Foundation. With this program, we resell easily sellable items on Facebook Marketplace and through our insider group at liquidation prices. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these items is donated to ISF while the remaining money is put into a bonus pool for the crew.
  2. Donate: Reusable items that are more difficult for us to store or sell are donated to some of the area donation centers (Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Tender Hearts, etc).
  3. Recycle: We recycle what we can. This means sorting trash at the dump and delivering to scrap yards and commercial recycling centers.
  4. Dump: The landfill is our last resort, but a fair amount of junk ends up.

We do not offer discounts or credits for sold, donated or recycled items. There is a significant cost (labor, shortage, fuel, etc.) to sorting and separating the loads and any money that comes in, goes back out in the form of a charitable donation to ISF.

With office cleanouts, we’ll explore different disposal strategies to be as cost effective as possible while also making sustainable disposal decisions.

Photo of job site in Charlotte before trash and stash removed construction debris

What is commercial junk removal and who uses it?

Commercial junk removal is the disposal of unwanted items and debris from commercial properties. Buildings like offices, retail stores, warehouses, business parks and construction sites. This includes the removal of everything from old furniture and equipment to construction debris and hazardous waste.

All businesses, big and small have waste and junk removal needs. The frequency, size and in- house capabilities dictate how they handle their “stuff” problems. The businesses we work with most often include:

Construction companies: Commercial junk removal services are often used by construction companies to dispose of construction debris, such as wood, metal, and concrete.
Property management companies & Realtors: Property management companies often use commercial junk removal services to clean out rental properties after tenants move out.
Retail businesses: Retail businesses often use commercial junk removal services to dispose of old inventory, broken displays, and other waste.
Office buildings: Office buildings often use commercial junk removal services to get rid of old furniture, electronics, and other items that are no longer needed.
Industrial facilities: Industrial facilities often use commercial junk removal services to dispose of hazardous waste and other materials that require specialized handling.
Commercial junk removal services help businesses and organizations save time, money, and effort by providing a convenient and efficient way to dispose of unwanted materials. Call us to get started!

Corporate responsibility and eco- friendly waste removal

Your small business is responsible for proper waste disposal. There’s both a social and legal obligation for environmentally responsible disposal practices. We make eco- friendly junk removal easy. When you choose Trash and Stash, you’re making the responsible disposal choice. Read about our B Corp journey here. >>

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Our Promise to You.

Exceptional Service: Our business is taking care of people. Connecting in real ways. That starts with being considerate, honest, respectful & accountable. Being shockingly human.

Environmentally Responsible: Leave things better than we found it. Be sustainable by adopting practices to reduce waste and encourage reuse.

Community Focused: Local and independent, we’re dedicated to serving our community and finding ways to give back. 

How we help businesses with professional junk removal.

Residential Property Management: 

Even the best tenants can leave their mark on a property. Whether it’s a single item removal or a foreclosure cleanout, we can help you turn your properties over faster.

Commercial Property Management: 

We can help with fixture removal, office cleanouts and leftover or spoiled stock removal after a tenant moves out. We can also tidy up trash enclosures and clear out storage areas.

Shipping, Boxes and Packing Waste: 

We can haul off and recycle pallets, boxes, plastic wrap and the loads of other packing materials that may pile up in your store room, loading dock and warehouse.

Shop Waste:

When your business accumulates discarded or removed materials from customer properties, we can haul it off. Save your techs and installers time so they can spend more of it on their skilled work.

Labor Optimization:

Finding great employees is difficult. Use your team to their highest and best use. Skilled employees should be doing skilled work. Outsource waste removal labor to us for reliable service at fair prices.

Here's a real life example. We have a monthly contract with a Charlotte area glass and shower door company. We come to their warehouse every month to haul off the old shower doors they pull out of their customers’ homes. They realized it was more cost effective to bring us out than to have their skilled installers wasting time in line at the dump. The crew is happier and they’re installing more glass!

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Want to know more about commercial junk removal? Check out our junk removal resources page.

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