Fort Mill & South Charlotte Home Services Business Directory

We're a small business. We believe in supporting others.

Based in Fort Mill, one of our core beliefs is to be hyper- local. To prioritize service to our direct community. To support the people and businesses around us. We preach it all the time. Think local. Act local.  

Trash & Stash is local & independent. Not a franchise… just neighborhood folks trying to do great work & make our world a little better. Here’s a list of local businesses we’ve done work with & recommend to you.

Home Services

Cosmin Bogdan
, Climate Expert LLC
Ph: 704-957-0507/ Email:

"Specializing in your air temperature needs is our life. We're a full-service heating and air conditioning contractor in Charlotte, NC. We hold a solid reputation in the community because we don't cut corners."

Cosmin Bogdan, Owner

[Residential Cleaning]
Rhenate Heyward, Rae Sunshine Home Cleaning
Ph: 803-280-7278/Email:

"A toxic free home is a healthy you."

Rae, Owner

Dena Elie,
Blue Fox Roofing & Renovations
Ph: 704-992-7750/ Email:

[Tile/ Carpet/ Window Cleaning]
Jason Farrey, Tile Wiz
Ph: 803-493-3517/ Email:

[Interior Design/ Staging]
Lauren Helms, Twinterior Designs
Ph: 912-604-7142/ Email:

I love to be able to help those who just want to be happy with their surroundings on any budget.

Lauren Helm, Owner

[Pressure Washing]
Chris Holley
Ph: 347-724-5163/ Email:

Brett Jonson
, Guaranteed Plumbing & Construction
Ph: 704-604-2423/ Email:

[Home Inspection]
Robert Kiley, Be Right Home Inspections
Ph: 803-288-5896/ Email:

[Interior Design]
Jill Lehouiller, J. Elle Design
Ph: 704-604-8306/ Email:

[Bath & Kitchen]
Giuseppe (Pino) Mantovani
, Dolce Casa Tile Boutique
Ph: 704-807-6472/ Email:
Showroom Address: 8318- 712 Pineville Matthews Rd., Charlotte, NC 28226

A 1- stop shop, we're specialists in bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Visit our showroom. We have a huge, high quality selection for your next project.

Pino Mantovani, Owner

Kevin Murphy
, Grounds Guys of Ballantyne
Serving Zip Codes: 28277, 28105, 29715 & 29707
Ph: 704-572-5001/ Email:

"We do every job you need done on your Grounds… shrub removal/install, lawn maintenance, fertilizer, overseeding, lighting, mulch…"

Kevin Murphy, Owner & GM

[Interior Finishing/ Carpentry]
Tony Skinner, Minor Miracles

[Pest Control]
Hope & Anthony Torraca, Superior Pest Defense
Ph: 803-656-5222/ Email:

Professional Organizers

Julie Green Peak, Precise Place
Ph: 704-606-1517/ Email:

Kenzie Harkey, Simply Dare
Ph: 704-268-9779/ Email:

Lianne Hofer, The Clutter Consultant
Ph: 704-964-2428/ Email:

Cindy Leap & Kandy Schreiner, Transition Tamers
Ph: 704-237-4262/ Email:

Real Estate & Property Management

Bonnie Papandrea, Wilkinson ERA (Realtor)
Ph: 704-756-8071/ Email:

Heather Skinner, Heather Skinner Property Group (Realtor)
Ph: 704-661-3406/ Email:

John Das, Henderson Association Management (Property Management)
Ph: 704-535-1122 x253/ Email:

Frank Tamberello, Foresight Properties (Property Management)
Ph: 704-604-0188/Email: /


Kim Pfleeger, Flagstar Bank
Ph: 704-778-6420/ Email:

Nancy Rosenfeld, McLean Mortgage Corporation
Ph: 336-601-3860/ Email:

Financial Services

[Financial Advisor]
Bryant Goodman
, Wealth Plan Financial
Ph: 704-604-0029/ Email:

[Transition Coordination]
Jasmine Hathaway, Compass Coordinators
Ph: 980-263-9109/ Email:

[Property & Casualty Insurance]
Justin Litaker, Litaker Insurance
Ph: 704-319-3507/ Email:

[Health Insurance]
Kyle Shelton, US Health Advisors
Ph: 704-965-6191/ Email:

[Accounting Services]
Joe Thurston, Thurston CPA PC
Ph: 703-893-0750/ Email:

Other Professional Services

[Business Training]
David Black, FocalPoint Business Coaching
Ph: 980-253-4095/ Email:

[Auto Repair]
Ray Dion, Repair on Wheels & Run Out Welding & Coating
Ph: 704-900-4567/ Email:

[Business Coaching]
Andy Fischer, Maximize & Thrive
Ph: 980-505-7723/ Email:

[DJ/ Sound & Lighting]
Chris Holley, Soulful Sounds (DJ Spike)
Ph: 347-724-5163/ Email:

[Auto Sales]
Adrian Hunte, Hall Honda Huntersville
Ph: 646-245-1251/ Email:

[Wine Merchant]
Marianne Painter, Scout & Cellar Wines
Ph: 704-953-3464/ Email:

[Administrative Services/ Virtual Assistance]
Maxine Serrano, The Inbox Chic
Ph: 862-258-5407/ Email:

[Outdoor Movies]
Santos Serrano, Under the Stars Cinema
Ph: 862-258-5408/ Email:

[Event Planning]
Rochelle Stewart, Show Stopping Event Planning
Ph: 704-904-2397/ Email:

[Digital Business Cards]
Charles Jute Williams,
Ph: 704-807-4757/ Email:

Health & Wellness Services

[Message Therapy]
Rod Greene, The Perfect Touch Mobile Massage Therapy
Ph: 704-957-4221/ Email:

[Nutritional Supplements]
Varsha Lemon, Lemon Wellness
Ph: 704-964-3633/

[Personal Trainer]
Mackenzie Morrow, Mackenzie Muscle, LLC
Ph: 864-641-3327/ Email:

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