Residential & commercial waste removal.

What are junk removal services?

Trash and Stash helps people and businesses in the Charlotte metro area move, remove, donate or recycle items they no longer want or need.

We solve “stuff” problems.

What are junk removal services?

Junk removal services provide a convenient, efficient and affordable solution for getting rid of unwanted items, clutter and debris. Our professional & background checked team will come to your home or business to collect, haul away & dispose of all sorts of items. “Junk.” This may include old furniture, appliances & construction debris. We handle the entire process including lifting heavy items, sorting, recycling and donating for proper disposal.

This service saves time, effort, stress and potential injury or damage.

Whether you’re decluttering your home, renovating a space or managing commercial waste, our junk removal service offers a hassle- free way to regain valuable space, reduce anxiety and promotes environmental responsibility.  Get started with a junk removal free estimate.  

Junk removal near you? Our service areas...

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What's residential junk removal?

What's residential junk removal?

Residential junk removal services offer homeowners a hassle- free solution for clearing unwanted clutter, trash and debris from their homes.

It could be old furniture and appliances that need removal. Yard waste cleaned up. E- waste, batteries, paint, tires or other hard- to- dispose of items recycled. We provide professional removal services to responsibly dispose of these materials. With a focus on convenience and eco- friendly practices, our residential junk removal services help homeowners gain valuable space, create a clean environment and simplify the decluttering process. Call us for guilt- free, judgment- free, stress- free residential junk removal service.

the most common residential junk removal services.

What's commercial junk removal?

What's commercial junk removal?

Commercial junk removal services provides businesses with expert removal, disposal and recycling of unwanted items, trash or debris.

Clean out the clutter from your office, dumpster, warehouse, garage, storefront or restaurant. We can help with large cleanouts, on- demand pickups or regularly scheduled bulk item/ trash pickup. Our commercial junk removal service helps to streamline workspaces, enhance productivity & creates a safe and professional environment for your team. We focus on efficiency and environmental responsibility for stress- free and convenient junk removal services.

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the most common commercial junk removal services.

What's in- house moving help?

What's in- house moving help?

With in- house moving help, we provide the labor and expertise to rearrange furniture and help with heavy items.

Stacks of labeled moving boxes

Get strong hands on demand with our expert in-house moving help near me. Whether you’re rearranging furniture or need help with heavy items, our skilled team is here to make your in-house move stress-free. No need to search far and wide – we’re right in your neighborhood, ready to assist. From lifting to loading and placing items just where you want them, we’ve got it all covered. With our convenient “near me” service, you can count on timely and efficient support (same or next day!)

We don’t do full household moves. We don’t transport property. We do in- house moves and furniture rearranging. We can load or unload a truck. We’re a labor source. We offer moving help as a courtesy to fill a gap… Professional moving help that’s cost appropriate for the jobs that are too small for traditional movers.

Make your in-house move a breeze – contact us today for reliable and professional assistance that’s close at hand.

What's doorstep trash service?

Coming Soon! Check back for updates.

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