What Does Trash and Stash Do?

We provide the manpower to manage the stuff that piles up at home and work.

We solve “stuff problems.” Call us when you have stuff that needs to be trashed, stashed, dumped or donated.
We provide full service junk removal (both commercial and residential) and moving help. “Full service” means we can take your junk from where it stands. Upstairs or downstairs. Attics, basements, garages and sheds. Assembled or disassembled. Loose, boxed or bagged. We can also help move and rearrange furniture while we’re there.

Based in Fort Mill, we serve the South Carolina communities of Fort Mill, Indian Land, Lancaster, Rock Hill, Clover, York, Tega Cay/ Lake Wylie.

We also cover the North Carolina neighborhoods of South Charlotte, Ballantyne, Pineville, Waxhaw & Matthews.

We’re local and independent- not a franchise. We’re members of the community we serve. So we’re dedicated to providing a valuable service while also making Fort Mill a better place to live.
Here’s more about our services.

Residential Junk Removal

We all have stuff. And no matter how treasured, at some point, some of that stuff becomes junk. And that’s when we can help. Junk the junk. We make it easy to declutter. Here are the ways Trash and Stash trashes the trash.

Bulky Item Removal

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of stuff that’s too big and bulky. If you’re struggling to get rid of old furniture or broken appliances call us

trash and Stash remove a mattress from the curb

We’ll happily remove them from the house, haul them off and responsibly dispose of them. Save your back. Save your walls. Save time and even save money. Here are some the most common bulky items we help get rid of.

  • Appliances (refrigerators, washers/ dryers, etc.)
  • Furniture (sofas, dressers, armoires, china cabinets, etc)
  • Mattresses
  • Pianos
  • Hot Tubs
  • Trampolines
  • More

Curbside Bulk Waste Pickup

We offer a curbside discount when you’re able to get your bulky items to the curb. Here’s more about our curbside bulk waste pickup.

Front Door to Tender Hearts Thrift Store in Clover, SC

Donation Services

Not all junk is trash. It’s important that reusable items stay out of the landfill, gets into the hands of people who can use them and raises money for worthy causes whenever possible.

That’s why our first instinct is to donate.

We offer donation pickup and delivery services for a fee. Learn more about donation services here.

Estate Cleanouts

We often work with families grieving the loss of a loved one. It’s a difficult and emotional time. It can be overwhelming. One of the challenges these families face is dealing with the stuff left behind. We can ease that burden. 

Family packing up a loved one's estate

Our team is experienced, respectful and patient in these circumstances. We’ll donate what can be and dump what can’t so you can focus on everything else.  Learn more about how we can help with estate cleanouts.

Home Renovation and Construction Debris

Renovating or updating your home is exciting. And DIY projects are fun. What’s less fun is hauling away and dumping construction debris, old appliances and fixtures. We can help. Have us come out and get your home renovation waste out of the way. It’ll save you time and effort so you can get your project done faster. Here’s more about Home renovation and construction debris removal.

Live in a HOA? Rather than renting a dumpster, let us haul away your construction debris on demand. No need to get HOA approval or park your car on the street for a week while the dumpster fills your driveway. We’ll get the trash hauled off before the HOA can get the violation letter in the mail.

Disaster Cleanouts

Flooded laundry room or basement

Cleaning up after a household disaster is no fun. There are lots of emotions, not the least of which is overwhelm. We can’t replace what was there, but we can get what was lost out of the way so you can get your home and life put back together. [MORE]

Moving Cleanouts

The 1 thing all of our customers have in common… transition. And one of our biggest life transitions is moving. The act of moving puts us face to face with our stuff. It forces us to make declutter decisions and downsize goals. We’re a great ally and resource during your move. Often, we’re one of the first calls as we can help with any pre- move decluttering or staging as you prepare to list and show your house. We can also help on the backside of a move. Once you get the moving truck loaded, we can sweep through the house and haul off any remaining trash and junk that won’t make the move. And lastly, we can help once you get to the new place. We can recycle/ repurpose the mountains of moving boxes, packing paper and bubble wrap. More on moving cleanouts.

Assisted Living & Senior Moves

Helping a parent or family member move into independent or senior living is a complicated and emotional transition. It’s a move that often happens in steps. 

Step 1 is getting situated in the new place and step 2 is figuring out what do with the stuff. We’re experienced and uniquely qualified to help with these types of moves. Here’s a helpful resource to help seniors downsize and declutter.

Storage Unit Cleanouts

It seems there’s a new storage unit being built on every corner. It’s clear people have a lot of stuff. And we spend a fortune storing it. In our experience most people rarely access their stuff once it’s stored. And it may cost less over time to replace it than to store it. 

Open self storage unit with boxes & furniture

Save the trouble and the money. We can empty that storage unit for you. We’ll dump or donate the trash and can then deliver your stash. More about storage cleanouts.

Yard Waste & Debris Removal

Trash and Stash delivering rock and stone to rock quarry in Waxhaw, NC

Getting rid of yard waste and debris is a real challenge. It’s labor intensive, dirty, bulky and heavy. Dirt and rock gets heavy real fast! 

Besides the labor challenge, you’ll need the right equipment and the right dump location. 

Save yourself the trouble… have us haul off your yard waste.

Light Demo

Trash & Stash crew demoing shed

We can help with light demolition work. This means we’re often tasked with disassembling and removing things like old sheds. We can clean out the junk from the shed and then take the shed too. Other demo projects and removals we see regularly are decks, hot tubs, carports, chicken coops, carpet removal and cabinet removal.

* We’re not licensed contractors, so our scope is limited but we’ll be up front and transparent about it.

Commercial Junk Removal

Junk shows up everywhere. Including our offices, warehouses, storefronts and tenant spaces. Trash and Stash can help with commercial junk removal too. Here’s how.

office and cubicle removal in fort mill

Office Cleanout

The office built environment is no longer what it was. Hybrid/ remote work has changed the office landscape. Many companies are reducing their footprint. Others are moving away from cubicles and traditional setups to more collaborative and dynamic spaces. 

this means the old fashioned cubicles, desks, chairs and file cabinets need to go. And we can make that happen in affordable and environmentally responsible ways.

Dumpster and Trash Enclosure Cleanouts

Think of us for the times the trash doesn’t get into the trash. Commercial and residential trash enclosures can be big headaches for property owners. And the trouble is, it takes almost no time for a small trash problem to become a giant issue. We can keep your trash enclosure from becoming a mountain of mess while also avoiding any fines, contamination or missed service charges from your trash hauler.

Tenant Cleanouts

“They” say owning rental properties is passive income. “They’ve” never had to clean up after a tenant moves out. We can help. Turn over rental properties faster and easier with Trash and Stash.

We can haul off whatever the tenant leaves behind. Trash, furniture, food and appliances… we’ve seen it all. We can also help tear out carpet and assist with light demo.

Eviction Cleanouts

We can help when it becomes more than a move out cleanout too. Trash and Stash can help with full house cleanouts after an eviction.

Construction Debris & Bulk Waste

Some questions for you…

As a general contractor, how much is your time worth?

What’s the hourly for your skilled trades and craftsmen?

How much time does it take to run a crew to the dump?

Maximize your earning potential by using your time and your skilled team in their highest and best use. Outsource the trash and debris removal to us.

Another question. Do you ever run into trouble with dumpsters taking up too much space, blocking homeowner access or causing trouble with the HOA. Do neighbors fill your dumpster with junk faster than your crew does with construction debris?

Pile of construction debris outside a home renovation project in Indian Land, SC

We can help here too. We haul trash on demand… sometimes even same day to relieve the eyesore and free space. For those commercial projects this on- demand potential can save you from fines and penalties.

Warehouse/ Storage Cleanout

Warehouses store stuff. Sometimes the stuff we store in our warehouses is waste. That trash may be old shipping and packaging material. Or it could be waste removed from job sites, broken down equipment and old stock. We can help with regular pickups or one- off pickups. 

Real Life Example:

We have a monthly contract with a Charlotte area glass and shower door company. We come to their warehouse every month to haul off the old shower doors they pull out of their customers’ homes. They realized it was more cost effective to bring us out than to have their skilled installers wasting time in line at the dump. The crew is happier and they’re installing more glass!

Expired Product & Food Waste Removal

If you’re in the business of selling consumable products, then you probably already know that getting rid of food waste is hard. Especially in large volume. Not all landfills accept it. We can help though. If you need to dispose of spoiled or expired food waste and consumable product, give us a call.

trash and stash enclosed trailer at scrap yard in Rock Hill, SC

Bulky Item Disposal

Big stuff. Heavy stuff. Awkward and irregular. There are lots of specialized tools, equipment and promotional material we use in business. These items are not easily moved, often have no use outside of work and are frustrating to dispose of. Let us haul off your bulky business junk.

Commercial Scrap and Recyling

Often, the bulk waste that comes out of our offices, warehouses and shops is metal or recyclable. We will recycle whenever possible. It’s important to make environmentally responsible decisions even when it’s not the easiest choice.

E- Waste Removal & Recycling

Electronic waste is the fastest growing trash stream there is. This is especially true in the work environment. We can remove, haul and responsibility dispose of TVs, monitors, computers, printers and most other electronic devices. 

office cubicle with computers and monitors

E- waste is complicated. It often requires proper disposal practices and specialized disposal facilities. Let us take care of your electronic waste.

Moving Help

Stacks of labeled moving boxes

We are NOT movers. We provide moving help. This means we don’t provide full household moves. We offer services including, but not limited to in- house moves, truck loading/ unloading and furniture rearranging. Moving help service is offered as a courtesy to provide quality moving services at scale and for a reasonable price. 

The gap we aim to fill is to provide professional, experienced and skilled moving help for the jobs that are too small for traditional movers. Here’s more about Trash and Stash moving help.

Photo of Isabella Santos

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Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.

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Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.
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*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.