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Everything you need to know about residential junk removal in Fort Mill, Charlotte and the surrounding neighborhoods.

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We’ll all need to get rid of junk at some point. We acquire. We outgrow. We change. And then we discard. Some junk is easier to junk than others.

Sometimes it’s hard to get rid of stuff because of an emotional connection. Other times the challenge is physical because of size or weight. 

Getting rid of junk could be hard because of time, energy or even geography. 

These are the times you might consider hiring a professional junk removal service like us, Trash and Stash.

Fast service. Professional team and honest prices.

Trash & Stash offers full service junk removal in Fort Mill and South Charlotte. We make it easy to declutter your home. Schedule a free junk removal estimate here

"How Do I?" Quick Answers. Common Questions.

How do I get rid of a mattress?

How do I get rid of old furniture?

How do I get rid of old appliances?

How do I get rid of yard waste?

How do I get rid of an old shed?

How do I remove a hot tub?

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

Size matters. Junk removal costs are based on volume and measured in truck space. Check out our FREE junk removal load size calculator. A simple tool to tell how much junk you have and what it’ll cost to haul it away.

Remove junk. Relieve stress. Trash and Stash is the easiest way for Fort Mill, Charlotte and the surrounding areas to get rid of junk. Fast service. Professional staff. Honest prices. Let us take care of your junk!

When To Call Us for Junk Removal

Garage filled with boxes & clutter

Have your kids outgrown their toys, clothes & sports gear? Old furniture & appliances cluttering the house? READ MORE

Stacks of labeled moving boxes

One thing we know… life’s always changing. One of those big life changes is moving. It’s stressful.

Room underconstruction with boxes & furniture

Renovating your home is exciting. It’s also stressful & energy- zapping. Don’t waste your time on the post- renovation clean up. READ MORE

Open self storage unit with boxes & furniture

Storage units are expensive. Especially when you’re paying to store stuff you don’t need.

Flooded laundry room or basement

Sometimes life throws us curveballs. Extreme weather. Flood. Fire. Disaster strikes. READ MORE

Family packing up a loved one's estate

Clearing out a loved one’s home is a difficult & sensitive process. Handling an estate is emotional. It’s also hard work. READ MORE

Donation Services - Priority Pickup

Front Door to Tender Hearts Thrift Store in Clover, SC

Donation is our first instinct. We want to keep items out of the landfill, put them in the hands of people who can use them and raise money for worthy causes. We can help you donate your furniture, clothes, tools and more! READ MORE

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junk removal promo codes from Trash and Stash

Junk Removal FAQs

Junk removal costs are based on volume and measured in truck space. Check out our FREE load calculator to get a ballpark estimate. We’ll confirm the quote in- person and before we start any work. This way, you’ll know the cost before you approve the pickup.


Junk removal always starts with a conversation. That could be an online request, email, text, call or chat. When you click the orange “Remove My Junk!” button on this page it’ll have you fill out a simple request form to start that conversation. Once we connect, we’ll listen to your needs and provide a price range.


Some jobs may require us to schedule an assessment. An in- person visit where we can get a better idea of the job scope. Often, we’ll provide a quote during that visit and will then be prepared to do the work at that same time.


More often, we’ll be able to provide a reasonably accurate estimate from that conversation. We’ll then text you a written quote. Once you “approve” the quote, we’ll confirm the appointment.

To be clear, quote approval at this point is not a sales commitment. It’s a price acknowledgement, authorization to schedule the work appointment and acceptance of our liability limits.


Once the quote is approved, we’ll schedule an appointment. Appointments are scheduled in 2 hour arrival windows. The crew will call or text before heading your way.

Upon arrive, we’ll introduce ourselves and “walk the job” with you. During this time, we’ll ask questions and develop a game plan for safely and efficiently remove your junk. We’ll also confirm the quote. Any changes to the job, quote or schedule will be discussed with you first. Before anything happens.

When you authorize the job, we’ll get started.

Once finished, we’ll confirm the job is done to your satisfaction and will provide the final invoice. This is usually texted directly to you, but we will review it with you. You can pay from your phone. We also accept cash, check or Venmo.

We get rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore. Just show us what needs to go. We’ll safely remove and responsibly dispose of the stuff with a kind, professional team and at a fair price.

Here’s some of the most common residential junk removal requests.

Here’s more about our services.

These are some of the most common junk items we come across. Not on the list? No worries. Contact us to talk about your junk removal job.

  • Mattresses
  • Appliances (refrigerators, washers/ dryers)
  • Furniture
  • TVs & Monitors
  • Water Heaters
  • Electronics (including computers and printers)
  • Hot Tubs
  • Trampolines
  • Carpet
  • Construction Debris
  • Yard waste
  • Household trash
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Pianos
  • Pallets
  • Playsets

Here’s a more comprehensive list of junk removal items we can haul away.

Yes! We are full service, so just show us what needs to go and we’ll take care of the rest. This includes stairs, disassembly, bagging and boxing when necessary.

It’s important that we keep things out of the landfill, get reusable items into the hands of people who can use them and raise money for worthy causes whenever we can. To accomplish this we do a few things:

  1. Resell: We’ve developed our 2nd Life Program benefitting the Isabella Santos Foundation. With this program, we resell easily sellable items on Facebook Marketplace and through our insider group at liquidation prices. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of these items is donated to ISF while the remaining money is put into a bonus pool for the crew.
  2. Donate: Reusable items that are more difficult for us to store or sell are donated to some of the area donation centers (Goodwill, Habitat for Humanity, Tender Hearts, etc).
  3. Recycle: We recycle what we can. This means sorting trash at the dump and delivering to scrap yards and commercial recycling centers.
  4. Dump: The landfill is our last resort, but a fair amount of junk ends up.

We do not offer discounts or credits for sold, donated or recycled items. There is a significant cost (labor, shortage, fuel, etc.) to sorting and separating the loads and any money that comes in, goes back out in the form of a charitable donation to ISF.

Usually not. Unless a job requires up front costs (specialized equipment, additional labor) or has significant time demands we do not require a deposit.

We do ask for a courtesy notice on cancellations though. Late cancellations have both real and opportunity costs.

We have a couple of trucks in our fleet. Amelia is our Ram ProMaster. She’s a high roof sprinter van (like an Amazon truck) and pulls a 10 ft. enclosed trailer. Amelia has about 20 ft. of cargo space and is a great truck for moving furniture, boxes, etc. She’ll often be out there helping with donation pick ups and moving help jobs.

Zane is our big boy. He’s a Ford F-350 Super Duty diesel pickup with an 8 ft. bed. He has the muscle to move a lot of weight and is usually pulling a 12 ft. dump trailer.

We have a couple of other lighter duty trucks and trailers in our yard which gives us the flexibility to take on last minute or emergency jobs.

Yes. We can remove paint. There is a surcharge for wet, latex paint. There is no additional charge for dried paint.

Yes. We do take most e- waste (computers, TVs, laptops, monitors) and will properly dispose of it. There is usually a surcharge for these items which will be included in the quote.

Yes! We will remove mattresses. No problem.

We’re open Monday- Friday with regular arrival windows of 9a- 11a, 11a- 1p and 1p- 3p. Each truck does 3+ jobs per day.

We don’t take appointments after 3p unless specifically arranged. Saturday appointments are available but at a premium rate.

We have a professional team in career positions. Junk removal and moving is a skilled trade that takes time and hard work to craft. Our team are W2 employees hired, trained and background checked. We do not employ temporary or contract workers.

No. Even if you haul your own junk away and take advantage of municipal programs funded by taxpayers or visit your local donation centers, there is a cost. Time. Fuel. Wear and tear on your car. Wear and tear on your body. It adds up.

That said, there are certainly times where it makes sense to take care of it yourself. If you choose to go that route, check out our DIY guide to junk removal.

When you choose to hire us, you will save time and will eliminate stress. For this, we charge a fair fee. Our pricing is standardized and consistent. We are a for- profit business and as such our prices are set to cover labor, fuel, trucks & equipment, insurance, dump fees, admin costs and marketing.

We typically schedule 1 week out. That said, we know junk removal can be time sensitive. So, we build flexibility into our schedule to allow for same day or next day service whenever possible.

We do our best to respond to last minute needs whenever we can. Sometimes there are junk emergencies. And sometimes you have the time and have worked up the physical and emotional energy to take on a decluttering project. We want to be there to make it happen! This isn’t always possible but we do our best act quick!

We accept cash, check, credit card or Venmo.

We offer commercial junk removal services, moving help and for very specific situations can hep with small and short term storage needs.

Curious About What We Haul?

Call us for the junk that’s too heavy, bulky and hard to dispose. Call us to save time and energy. We’re the easiest way to remove junk in Fort Mill. Here’s a list of the most common items we come across. This isn’t exhaustive. Every job’s a little bit different, but it’s a good sample!

old washer and dryer sitting outside

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