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How to Declutter Your Attic

Trash and Stash is the easiest way to dump, donate or recycle. Eco- friendly. We make attic cleanouts simple.

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junk [juhngk]: (verb) To cast aside as junk; discard as no longer of use.

The Basics of an Attic Cleanout

Here are 6 reasons attics fill up with clutter over the years. 

  • Out- of- sight, out- of- mind storage space. The low visibility makes it low priority.
  • Attics house items of sentimental or hypothetical value rather than functional value. The stuff in the attic isn’t useful. We just feel guilty getting rid of it. 
  • Hard to access. The older we get, the less willing we are to shoulder totes and boxes up the ladder.
  • It’s hot. 
  • It’s creepy.
  • It’s scary.

Have no fear though. We can help and here’s how!

We’ll handle the hard work, the sorting and the hot, creepy scary stuff. This is the attic cleanout process.


We start with an assessment to understand volume (how much stuff is up there and how much truck space will it take up. We’ll need to understand job time, manpower requirements and equipment needs. This way we can create a tactical gameplan to decluttering the attic while also putting together a quote for the work.


Following the assessment, we’ll generate a quote. We offer free, no- obligation quotes. You’ll get the estimated cost to complete the work prior to authorizing the job. In most cases and assuming we’re agreeable, we’ll be prepared to start the work at the same time.


There are a few strategies here. 

  1. Sometimes people accept that the items in their attic are no longer of value to them and just want them hauled off without examination.
  2. Other times, homeowners will book a removal appointment to create a deadline and then start going through the items on their own. Making save, donate, sell or dump piles. Then, when we arrive, we simple move the piles where they need to go.
  3. Many people hire professional organizers to help make disposal decisions and then create a system to avoid future clutter problems. Sometimes we work along side the organizer to make things disappear in real time. Other times the organizer will set aside items for us to haul off once she finishes that stage of the job.
  4. On occasion, we will do an attic cleanout in stages. First, we’ll bring everything down to the garage or living room. The homeowner will go through the clutter and make save/ discard decisions. We’ll them come back to move anything that needs to go back intoto the attic (or other storage location) and discard the rest.

Clean Up

Following the attic clean out, we will tidy up. Our goal is to leave everything in broom swept condition with trash properly disposed of. We’ll deliver all of the stuff we removed to it’s next destination (donation centers, recycle centers and the landfill).

Settle Up

Lastly, we’ll close out the invoice and be on our way. You’ll have your attic cleared and peace of mind that the clutter has been professionally handled.

Eco- Friendly Junk Removal

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We’re the most eco- friendly, most- considerate, most responsive, easiest to use junk removal business in the greater Charlotte area. We make it super simple for people to do the right thing with their stuff. We make junk removal cool.

We specialize in reducing the amount of waste that goes to the landfill.

5 Pro Tips to Declutter Your Attic

Set a goal: Before starting the decluttering process, set a goal for what you want to achieve. This could be as simple as creating more space in your attic or as specific as organizing your holiday decorations by season. Having a clear goal will help you stay motivated and focused throughout the process.

Sort items into categories: As you begin decluttering, sort items into categories based on their use, condition, and importance. Some categories could include items to keep, items to donate or sell, items to recycle, and items to throw away. This will help you stay organized and make decisions about what to keep and what to let go.

Be ruthless: When decluttering your attic, it can be tempting to hold onto items that you may not need or use. However, it is important to be ruthless and honest with yourself about what you really need and what is simply clutter. If you have not used or seen an item in years, it is likely that you do not need it.

Make use of storage solutions: Once you have decluttered and sorted your items, make use of storage solutions to keep the items organized and easily accessible. This could include shelves, bins, and labeled boxes. Keep similar items together and store them in a logical and accessible way. (Bonus Tip: Don’t fall in love for organization products- unneeded products become part of the problem, not the solution).

Regularly maintain your attic: To prevent clutter buildup in the future, it is important to regularly maintain your attic. This could include scheduling regular decluttering sessions with scheduled junk removal, organizing items as they are added, and making sure that items are stored in a safe and secure manner.

relief [ri-leef]: (noun) A means or thing that relieves distress, anxiety, etc.

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Still Have Junk Removal Questions?

Check out our residential junk removal resources page. There’s lots of great info about how junk removal works, tips and tricks for getting started and even some DIY help for the times you may be able to go it alone.

Trash and Stash Junk Removal Resources and Tools Page

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