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Not all junk is trash. In fact, lots of times it’s nice stuff that’s no longer needed. And this is where we step in.
Our first instinct is to find ways to reuse collected items before we ever think about the dump. This is the environmentally responsible approach. It keeps items out of the landfill. It’s also socially responsible as it helps people in need. Here’s how it works.

Priority Pickup- Furniture DonationServices

We offer priority donation pickups for a small fee. Same day or next day services. The benefits of Trash and Stash priority donation pickups are:

  • Same or Next Day Service.
  • We’ll pick up everything, even if the charity won’t accept it.
  • We’ll place the items with the charities most likely to accept your donation.
  • Stairs. No problem.
  • Disassembly. No problem.

What are Furniture Donation Services?

Giving old furniture a new life is a win-win situation. You declutter your home and help those in need, all while minimizing environmental impact. Furniture donation services like Trash and Stash make this process convenient and hassle-free.

These services connect you with charities and organizations that accept used furniture in good condition. They often specialize in furniture redistribution, finding the perfect second home for unwanted items.  This benefits those who receive the furniture and keeps it out of landfills, promoting sustainable living.

Here’s a Common Scenario: you’re redecorating or downsizing, and your once-loved couch no longer fits the vibe.  Instead of throwing it away, consider donating furniture.  Many charities accept gently used furniture, such as sofas, dressers, dining tables, and chairs.   These items can be sold in thrift stores, directly given to needy families, or used within their furniture reuse programs.

Remember: Donation centers often have specific guidelines about the condition and type of furniture they accept.  Trash and Stash can help you navigate these requirements to ensure your furniture finds the most suitable recipient.

Why Choose Trash and Stash for Furniture Donation Services?

Donating furniture can be great for decluttering and giving back, but it can also be time-consuming and physically demanding.  That’s where Trash and Stash come in!  We offer a variety of benefits to make your furniture donation experience smooth and stress-free:

  • Convenience: Schedule a donation pickup at your convenience. No need to worry about renting a truck or wrestling with heavy furniture. Our team will handle everything for you, from carefully loading the items to ensuring they reach the right recipient.
  • Efficiency: We have relationships with various donation centers and furniture redistribution networks. This allows us to match your furniture with the organization that needs it most, maximizing the impact of your donation.
  • Sustainability: Landfills are overflowing with unwanted furniture. By choosing Trash and Stash, you’re contributing to a more sustainable living by keeping usable furniture out of landfills and promoting reuse.
  • Time-Saving: Donating furniture can take significant time, especially if you need to disassemble or transport large pieces. Our efficient service frees up your valuable time while ensuring your furniture finds a new home.
  • Peace of Mind: Our experienced team knows how to handle furniture carefully. You can rest assured that the donation will arrive at its destination securely and in good condition.

Looking to declutter your home and give back to the community sustainably?  Look no further than Trash and Stash!  Contact us today to schedule your convenient furniture recycling pickup and experience the satisfaction of responsible giving.

ReSupply Logo

*Discounts and Promos do not apply to ReSupply appointments.

We’re proud to be part of the ReSupply’s national network, delivering priority items to local non-profits Tender Hearts, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill Industries and more.

ReSupply offers donation pickups in 48 hours or less, and will pick up EVERYTHING that you would like to donate, regardless of staircases or disassembly. With ReSupply priority pickup, you’re charged a pickup fee that reflects operating costs and is much smaller than a typical moving company or junk hauler. The fee is not tax deductible, but the items you donate are.

Making Standard Donation PickUps Possible

Sometimes local donation centers will pick up your items curbside. The challenge then is getting the items to the curb. Let us do it! We can carry the large & bulky items out to the curb for you.

2nd Life Program

Trash and Stash believes in the “think local, act local” philosophy. We all know there are some really big, scary problems in this world. It can be overwhelming. Rather than being paralyzed by it, we figure we’ll do what we can to help the people right here in Fort Mill. And that with small, consistent, local action the world can be a better place.
This is why we created our “2nd Life” program. We resell certain items on Facebook Marketplace at a low price. The proceeds of the sale are then split 50/ 50. The first half of the sale proceeds goes to the Isabella Santos Foundation. ISF is a local foundation that raises money for rare pediatric cancer research. The second half goes into a pool paid directly to our crew as a monthly bonus. Even though they don’t need it, this rewards them for properly sorting and collecting sellable items. Even when it’s more time consuming and difficult.
* Our standard travel radius is 20 miles. We will happily deliver to donation centers outside of that radius, but additional fees may apply.

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Check out our residential junk removal resources page. There’s lots of great info about how junk removal works, tips and tricks for getting started and even some DIY help for the times you may be able to go it alone.

Give & Save

Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.
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*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

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