How to Get Rid of an Old Grill?

Trash and Stash is the easiest way to get rid of grills, BBQs and smokers in Fort Mill, Charlotte & the surrounding areas.

Weber Grill that was removed from home in Fort Mill, SC

We're an eco- friendly and economical way to get rid of old grills.

Do you have an old grill you need to get rid of? Maybe it stopped working… or you’re moving. Maybe you’re upgrading. Whatever the reason, we can help. The easiest way to get rid of an old grill is to call us!

Old BBQs may be difficult to dispose of because they’re bulky, heavy and dirty (grease, char, rust, etc). They live outside, so they may not move very easily or can be in hard- to- reach places. They’re too big for regular trash pickup and you may not have access to a truck to dump on your own. Let us help.  

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If you want to handle it yourself, read on for DIY grill disposal tips.

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5 Tips for Disposing an Old Grill, BBQ or Smoker

  1. Check with Your Waste Management: Talk to your trash service to see if they offer curbside bulk waste pickup and if there are any restrictions (you might also want to check with your HOA before placing trash curbside).
  2. Recycle the Metal: We’re big believers in the circular economy. So if your grill’s no longer useful, it should be recycled. Many parts of your grill can be scrapped or recycled.
  3. Sell or Donate: If your grill’s still in working or repairable condition considering donating it or selling it. (We can also help with this. Grills are one of the most popular 2nd Life items on Stashy’s Hide- Away).
  4. Disassemble and Dispose: If hauling your old grill off is not an option, you may be able to break it down into get rid of it in parts. Bit by bit you may be able to recycle and trash your grill with your regular trash provider.

Propane tanks seem to always have value, so even if you’re getting rid of your grill, it’s likely the tank still has some value. Compressed gas is on our prohibited item list, so we can’t help with these. Even still you should be able to return your empty tank (for redemption value) to a servicer. If your grill is plumbed to a natural gas line, be sure to consult with a professional before disconnecting. We will not disconnect any gas or plumbing lines.

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“Such nice gentlemen and the made the process stress free. There was no judegement about the clutter and mess and getting so much cleared away has been very liberating. Would highly recommend!!"
Sherry Lynn
“Five stars, no question. I booked online and they sent Mel the next day. Top notch professional. The items ranged from construction debris, kitchen cabinets, junk stored in the garage, paint cans, electronics, he even separated out the items to go to Goodwill."
Anne Geary

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