Junk Removal Items in Fort Mill

The most common junk items we get hired to remove.

We make junk removal simple for our Fort Mill neighbors. That means we specialize in getting the tough stuff out. Call us for the junk that’s too heavy, bulky or hard to get to. We’ll take most things. The 3 limitations to what we can take are:

  1. Must be able to be carried by 2 people.
  2. Must be non- toxic & non- hazardous.
  3. Must be able to fit inside our trucks (we can take multiple trips).

Here’s what we haul. These are some of the most common junk items we come across. Not on the list? No worries. Contact us to talk about your junk removal job.

Close up of stained and ripped mattress

How to get rid of a mattress in Fort Mill? Call us. We’ll remove your old mattress, box spring or futon cushion. This includes the following mattress types:

  • innerspring
  • memory foam
  • gel
  • pillow top
  • water bed
  • airbed
  • adjustable base
  • latex
  • hybrid
  • polyurethane foam

Call us today to remove your mattress in Fort Mill.

Old white refrigerator sitting outside

Fort Mill refrigerator removal & disposal. Getting rid of an old refrigerator is a big job. They’re heavy & most people don’t have a vehicle that’s up to the task. Plus, there are rules on how to properly dispose of the chemicals & moving parts.

Make it easy on yourself & give us a call to remove your refrigerator in Fort Mill.

old washer and dryer sitting outside

Dryer & washing machine removal in Fort Mill. Removing old washers & dryers isn’t easy. We’re committed to environmentally responsible disposal practices. That means, we’ll make sure your old appliances end up where they’re supposed to. You’ll feel good about your disposal choice- plus we make it super easy.

Schedule your free laundry machine removal online.

old tube tv on curb waiting to be hauled away

TV & monitor removal in Fort Mill. We’ll take care of removing your old TV & disposing of it properly. We handle e-waste the right way. Whether it’s a heavy tube TV, LCD screen, plasma screen, projection or LED we can help.

Call us today to dispose of your old TV & monitors in Fort Mill.

old wall mounted air conditioning unit

Air conditioning unit removal in Fort Mill. Air conditioners are bulky, difficult to take apart & have chemicals that make their disposal tricky. Don’t take this job on by yourself.

Contact us to remove your old air conditioning unit in Fort Mill.

white water heater in basement

Fort Mill hot water heater removal. Did you know water heaters have a lifespan of 8 to 12 years? Call us when it’s time to get rid of your old one. We’ll disconnect, disassemble and properly dispose for you.

Call us when it’s time to remove your old hot water heater in Fort Mill.

Pile of old cell phones & cordless phones

Electronics recycling & e-waste in Fort Mill. Our homes are full of all sorts of different electronic devices. Each of these electronic components has a functional & operational lifespan. Call us when technology changes & its time to replace the various electronics in your home. We will follow regulations & be environmentally responsible in how we handle e-waste.

Contact us for a free estimate on electronics recycling in Fort Mill.

old apple computer

Computer & printer removal in Fort Mill. We make it easy to get rid of your old PC, laptops, printers & computer components. Technological advances move quick. When it’s time to replace your computer, give us a call. We’re committed to responsible & sustainable e-waste disposal.

old dirty & mostly empty hot tub

Fort Mill hot tub removal. Getting rid of that old hot tub, spa jacuzzi or tub can be tough. We’ll take the hot tub apart, haul away and clean up. It’s the easiest way to get rid of that eye sore in the yard.

Call us today for your free hot tub removal estimate in Fort Mill.

stock of old carpets & rugs

Carpet & rug removal in Fort Mill. Upgrading your flooring? Have your pets done a number on your carpets? Call us when it’s time to remove those old carpets and rugs. Carpets are really heavy. It’s hard, dirty work. We make it easy.

Call today to remove your carpets or rugs in Fort Mill.

Corner of green velvet sofa in sunlit room

If you have old furniture that doesn’t work for your house anymore, we can help remove it. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. And we’re responsible in how we handle old furniture. Our first preference is to donate & upcycle before we take something to the recycling center or landfill. We want to give that furniture a second chance at life. We can also help with handling a loved one’s estate.

Contact us to chat about removing your old furniture in Fort Mill.

Pile of scrap metal

Fort Mill scrap metal recycling. We can help get rid of any scrap metal you have piled up in your yard or garage. Whether it’s from a home renovation project or from working on your car, we’ll make the scrap metal disappear. And we’ll do it in an environmentally responsible way.

Get your free Fort Mill scrap metal removal estimate.

stack of lumber from home renovation project

Fort Mill construction debris removal. Home renovation project? Household disaster clean up? We can help. We’ll remove solid construction debris on demand. Lumber, scrap metal, drywall, stone & masonry. If it fits in our truck, is non- hazardous & can be carried by 2 people, we can take it.

Call us today to clean up your construction debris in Fort Mill.

close up of old bicyle with blue frame & yellow tires

Fort Mill bicycle removal. Kids grow & bikes wear out without regular maintenance. And bikes take up a lot of room in our garages. If your garage is filled with bikes, scooters & tricycles that don’t get ridden anymore, call us. One of our core beliefs is environmentally responsible disposal practices. This means that we’ll look to donate, upcycle or recycle used bikes first.

Let’s chat about removing your old bikes in Fort Mill.

Green lawn mower sitting on top of green lawn

Lawn mower & small engine removal in Fort Mill. Landscaping & gardening equipment wear out or sometimes we just want to upgrade to the latest & greatest. Either way, we can help clear your garage of that old lawn mower. Lawn mowers are big, heavy, have sharp moving parts & are full of fuel & oil. All of this combines to be a disposal challenge. Let us help!

Call us today to remove your old lawn mower and landscaping equipment in Fort Mill.

old white dishwasher

Dishwasher removal in Fort Mill. Dishwashers are common kitchen appliances that we often take for granted. When they break down day to day life gets more difficult. And unfortunately, replacing & removing a dishwasher can also be difficult. Let us help. We’ll make sure the dishwasher is properly disposed of.

Get your free  Fort Mill dishwasher removal quote.

Old oven with gas burners and turndial oven settings

Oven, store & range removal in Fort Mill. When it’s time to upgrade your kitchen, call us to remove your old stove, oven or range. we’ll carefully remove the appliance & properly dispose. This includes:

  • Conventional ovens
  • Convection Ovens
  • OTG Ovens
  • Gas stoves
  • Electric stoves
  • Coal stoves
  • Wood- burning stoves
  • Pellet stoves
  • Electric Range
  • Gas range
  • Ceramic/ Smooth top range

Get your free Fort Mill stove, oven & range removal estimate.

piles of old tires & wheels

Tire & wheel recycling in Fort Mill. Replacing your vehicle’s tires is part of car ownership. If you’ve replaced tires & still have the old ones hanging around, call us. We’ll haul them away and recycle. We’ll take:

  • Standard vehicle tires
  • Low profile tires
  • Offroad tires
  • Motorcycle tires
  • Commercial vehicle tires
  • Industrial/ construction equipment tires
close up of old piano keys

Fort Mill piano removal. Getting rid of an old piano is a challenge. They’re heavy, large & sensitive. Keeping a piano in the house requires maintenance too. If that old instrument is not getting played, we can help declutter. We love giving old pianos a new life, so if it can be repaired and reused, we’ll do what we can to donate it.

Let’s chat about removing your piano in Fort Mill.

pane of glass with different shades

Glass removal in Fort Mill. Getting rid of large pieces of glass can be difficult & dangerous. Don’t risk hurting yourself & making a huge mess. We can help remove all glass table tops, window panes & more.

Contact us to remove glass in Fort Mill.

set of blue treadmills

Get rid of treadmills & unused exercise equipment in Fort Mill. Whether it’s lifestyle change, good intentions unmaterialized or overuse we can help remove your old treadmill & unused exercise equipment. We’re environmentally minded & will look to donate or upcycle this equipment first.

Call us to talk about removing your old treadmill in Fort Mill.

Trailer loaded with cut down trees

Fort Mill yard debris removal. The Carolinas are beautiful with lush, green foliage. Sometimes, this greenery becomes waste. We can haul away the yard debris when it does. 

Contact us to remove your yard debris in Fort Mill.

stack of shipping pallets leaning against each other

Fort Mill pallet removal. Working on a home or yard renovation project? Maybe you’ve purchased something big. Either way, stacks of pallets in your yard are usually an unanticipated problem. Taking them apart is time consuming. We can help. With one phone call we’ll recycle that stack of pallets for you.

Backyard swing set

Fort Mill playset removal. Do you have an old playset or swing set cluttering up your backyard. Have the kids outgrown it? When that playset becomes a safety concern or an eye sore we can help. We’ll carefully disassemble, remove, haul away & clean up that old playset.

Get your free Fort Mill playset removal quote.

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