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By Stashy:

My name is Stashy, and not only am I the handsome mustachioed mascot for the Fort Mill area’s best junk removal, moving and microstorage service, I can also use my anamorphic paws to search the Internet, send email and dial a cell phone. That clown Rocket from “Guardians of the Galaxy” has nothing on me!

Not gonna lie. Talking about other junk removal companies is scary...

Ever wonder how much those other guys who haul junk charge, and how they stack up against Trash & Stash? I did. So I started asking hard questions. I decided to face the truth… and now I’m telling ALL.

And really… who’s more qualified than me?

Mustache ✅
Overalls ✅
Answers to trash panda

Stashy the Trash and Stash mascot on the computer

First things first, nobody can – or will – beat Trash & Stash’s customer service. It’s one of our founding principles. Despite my status as a raccoon, our aim is shockingly human service experiences. That is not negotiable. And evidenced by our ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ratings.

Infographic detailing Trash & Stash Uniform

And you know about our no if, ands or butts crew member uniform policy, however, if you don’t you can read about it here.

But what about the bottom (see what I did there?) line: pricing? How do we compare to the other companies in the area that perform similar services?

Have no fear, I’ve done the four-legged legwork for you and went out on a mission to do some comparison shopping. Here are the parameters. I presented the same scenario to each business and asked for a quote.

Garage Clean Out:

  • 10- 20 bags of trash

  • Old chest-style freezer (defrosted)

  • 2 old, junky adult bicycles.

I will give all of these outfits high praise for responsiveness, and one overzealously so…but we’ll get to the latter point in a moment.

Disclaimer: Rates change! Any rates quoted here are subject to change (ours or anybody else’s). Please call for the most current rates and use our load size calculator.

Clutter Me Not Junk Removal

Direct quote via email: Hi! We would be delighted to handle your request. Cost would only be $250 which covers everything including trip fees, labor as well as disposal fees.”

But do you guys wear uniforms like my crew? “Yes, we do.”  I bet they’re not as snazzy as our overalls, not that I’m biased.


This outfit quoted us on the high end at $450, with the caveat that it would most likely be much less if they had the opportunity to see our garage mess with their own eyes and make a more informed assessment. It also includes a $40 refrigerator recovery fee for the freezer.

Junk Doctors

These doctors of junk really wanted to see the patient and book an appointment with us to eyeball our cluttered garage up close and personal in order to provide a quote, but finally settled on an-over-the-phone minimum quote of $125 for the job.

NC Cleanouts

I received this text in response to my request for a quote:
“Hey Stashy, we would be glad to take care of that for you. Our pricing is based off how much we fill the truck pictured below.”

Full Truck: $450
3/4 Truck: $335
1/2 Truck: $225
1/4 Truck: $120.

College Hunks

I attempted to get an online quote from these hunky haulers, but apparently filled out the booking field on their website instead, which led to an embarrassing moment as they showed up at my boss’s house (because I technically share the same address and live there too in our work truck) ready to complete a job. Oops. My bad.

Anyhow, College Hunks has 13 different price points, but estimated that the following three are the most relevant to our scenario: $95 for ⅛ of a truckload, $317 for a half, and $467 for the full enchilada.

Trash and Stash

To cut to the chase… this load would be considered a 1/2 truck haul at a rate of $274. That’s not the whole story though. Here’s more…

If you were flexible on pickup time (date confirmed) and we could back the truck up to the garage, you’d be eligible for a curbside discount. In some cases, that’s up to 50% off. In this case, it’s 20% off. The curbside discount brings the 1/2 truck cost down to : $219.20.

Illustration of trash and stash Fort Mill bulk waste pickup
Stashy holding an oversized check for Isabella Santos Foundation

But that’s not all… If you took advantage of our Give & Save promotion. You’d get an additional 10% off (this does require a min $25 donation to the Isabella Santos Foundation). This discount would bring the junk removal costs down to $197.28.

So… it looks like our rates are more than competitive while getting an exceptional service experience. There are a few other things that make us different too.

We're Hyper Local

Trash and Stash is local and independent. We’re not a franchise, which means no territorial restrictions and no corporate policy. We live in Fort Mill and serve the community we live in.

We Give Back

Because we live here, we sincerely care about our community. That’s why we’ve partnered with the Isabel Santos Foundation (ISF), a local nonprofit dedicated to improving survival rates of kids battling cancer. 

South Carolina Flag on Junk Removal Truck

We donated more than $1,800 to ISF in 2021. For more details about our 2nd Life Program, click here. This program also helps divert items from the landfill.

Responsible & Accountable

We want our impression on the world to be a good one. Here’s how we try to do that:

  • Treat others better than the way we wish to be treated.
  • Do what we say we’re going to do. Even if its hard, costly & time consuming.
  • Communicate clearly. Be direct, respectful & timely. Be solution oriented.
  • Leave things better than we found it.
  • Be sustainable. Adopt practices to reduce waste.
  • Give back. Find ways to support the community.

We're All Just People

We take pride in our professionalism. But really, professionalism is just jargon for “doing right by people.” We wear tidy and recognizable uniforms to demonstrate trust and care. We background check all of our employees because we want to make sure our customers are comfortable with the people entering their homes. We fairly and accurately quote jobs because our word means everything.

Junk removal is a service. It’s not a commodity. It’s a bit vulnerable shopping competitor rates but a worthwhile exercise. It looks like we’re not always the cheapest. We are always competitive on rates though and we’re always going to provide exceptional service. We’re always going to treat you with respect and we’ll always find ways to give back to our community. So, book your free junk removal estimate today. We’re eager to earn your business.

Give & Save

Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.
Special offer

*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

Photo of Isabella Santos

Give & Save

Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.

*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

Cameron Ungar

Cameron Ungar

Junk removal was not my first career choice. It was my best choice though. I used to run events for a living. I did that for almost 15 years until a global pandemic launched me into the junk removal business. I’m an expert in operations, team building & creating incredible customer experiences. And... I love helping people simplify their lives.

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