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The 4 ways to get rid of old furniture are to donate, resell, recycle and dump. Or…

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How to get rid of old furniture in Metrolina?

The 4 ways to get rid of old, bulky furniture in the greater Charlotte area are to donate, resell, recycle or dump. There are a few things to consider when deciding which is the best disposal/ removal option.

Condition: What condition is the furniture in? If it’s in excellent condition resell or donation is the best option. If an item is in poor condition, but the piece is of value, consider reselling as a restoration project. You may not get much money for it, but it’ll stay out of the landfill and bring someone joy.

Utility: Is the old furniture still useful today? We see this a lot with old armoires and entertainment units. TVs changed shape from square to rectangle so those old pieces of furniture don’t fit modern TVs. Furniture like this is big and bulky so many second- buyers don’t want them and donation centers can’t handle them. In this case, calling a junk removal service may be your best bet. Otherwise, check places like Pinterest for creative repurposing. Furniture that is functionally obsolete may be reimaged as something new and cool!

Location: Where in the house is the old furniture? Can you move it? Wrestling furniture down the stairs isn’t worth injury or damage. Some donation centers will do in- home removals, but not all of them will carry furniture up or down stairs.

Transportation: Do you have the ability to transport the furniture to a donation center, recycling station or landfill? Renting a truck cost more than you think (rental rate, insurance, fuel and time).

What are Furniture Removal Services?

Let’s face it: removing unwanted furniture can be a real hassle. Whether decluttering, renovating, or simply upgrading your pieces, hauling bulky furniture is time-consuming and sometimes backbreaking. That’s where furniture removal services come in –  they provide a convenient and efficient solution to help you dispose of unwanted furniture quickly and responsibly.

These services typically involve professional crews who can handle everything from disassembly and loading to hauling away and proper sustainable waste disposal of your furniture. This relieves the stress and physical strain of tackling the job, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Sustainable Furniture Removal and Disposal Services

Finding new life for your old furniture doesn’t just clear up space in your home; it contributes to a more sustainable future!  Trash and Stash furniture removal company offers a variety of eco-friendly furniture removal solutions to ensure your unwanted pieces are disposed of responsibly.

We work hard to divert furniture from landfills by exploring all possible avenues for reuse and eco-friendly recycling.  Here are some ways we can help you achieve a sustainable furniture cleanout:


  • Donation: Many charities accept gently used furniture, giving it a second life for those in need.
  • Resale: If your furniture is still in good condition, consider resale through online marketplaces or consignment shops.
  • Furniture Recycling: Certain types of furniture, like metal or wood, can be broken down and recycled into new materials.
  • Responsible Disposal: We dispose of furniture that cannot be reused or recycled by local regulations.


By partnering with Trash and Stash, you can rest easy knowing your furniture waste management is handled efficiently and with the environment in mind.  Contact us today to discuss your furniture waste solution needs, and let us help you find a sustainable solution!

Interesting (& disturbing) Stat: Americans throw out more than 12 millions tons of furniture EVERY YEAR! The solid waste mountains in the landfill have grown 450% since 1969 (per EPA).

TV unit halfway down stairs

The best/ easiest way to get rid of old furniture is to call a professional furniture removal services. There several reasons why this is the best  way to dispose of old furniture with our furniture removal company.

  1. Efficiency- Our experienced team brings expertise and efficiency, ensuring items are properly sorted, recycled, or disposed of. Your time is valuable and we make sure it isn’t wasted.
  2. Safety- We handle heavy lifting and potential safety hazards, sparing you from risks.
  3. Save time & money- With a streamlined process, you save time and effort compared to tackling it alone. Our service prevents multiple trips to disposal sites, translating to cost savings.
  4. Get your space back- Real estate is valuable. Old furniture is wasting space in your house. Choose the smart path to a clutter-free home by entrusting professionals for the best and hassle-free outcome.

Getting rid of old furniture can be challenging. Consider how you’re going to get rid of the old furniture with our furniture removal services and what you’ll do with it first!

Still want to go it alone? No problem. Read on for pro tips to cleaning out and organizing your garage.

Let us help with your furniture removal!

Is your old furniture cluttering up your space and stressing you out? Don’t break your back or your budget trying to deal with it yourself! Our furniture removal company specialize in efficient, hassle-free furniture removal services, so you can reclaim your space and your peace of mind. We handle everything from pickup to proper disposal, including donating and recycling whenever possible. Let us do the heavy lifting!  We’ll make it disappear—safely, responsibly, and on your schedule. Contact us today for a free quote, and let’s make your old furniture problems a thing of the past with the best furniture removal company.

More pro tips on getting rid of old furniture.

Getting rid of old furniture yourself can be a daunting task, but with the right approach, you can make the process smoother and more efficient. Here are some pro tips to help you out:

Planning and Organization

  1. Take Inventory: Measure dimensions and evaluate the condition of each piece. This helps you decide which method of disposal is best for each item.

  2. Decide on Disposal Route: Know ahead of time whether you’ll be selling, donating, or recycling each item. This streamlines the process later on.


  1. Disassemble Furniture: Take apart larger pieces for easier transport. Keep any screws or hardware in a bag, taped to the item.

  2. Protect Your Home: Use cardboard or plastic sheeting to protect your floors and walls while moving items.

  3. Clean the Items: Dust or wipe down the furniture to improve its appeal if you’re selling or donating.


  1. Proper Lifting Technique: Always bend at your knees, not your waist, to prevent injury when lifting heavy furniture.

  2. Use Equipment: A furniture dolly, sliders, or lifting straps can make moving furniture much easier. You can rent these from hardware stores.

  3. Enlist Help: Get a friend or family member to help with lifting and transporting. It’s easier and safer.

Disposal Methods

  1. Online Marketplaces: Use websites or apps like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to list items for sale or free pickup.

  2. Donation Drop-Off: If donating, call ahead to make sure your chosen organization accepts the items you have. Some even offer free pickup.

  3. Recycling Centers: For pieces that are mostly metal or wood, look for recycling centers that accept furniture.

  4. Curbside Pickup: Check if your local waste management service offers bulky item pickup. Schedule a pickup if needed.

  5. Community Boards: Some neighborhoods have bulletin boards where you can post items for free pickup.

Additional Tips

  1. Timing: If possible, coincide your furniture removal with community “big trash” days, where larger items are allowed curbside.

  2. Documentation: Keep receipts or records of where your furniture goes, especially if donating, for tax purposes.

By following these pro tips, you’ll save time, effort, and possibly even some money while ensuring your old furniture is disposed of in the most efficient and responsible way.

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