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Trash and Stash is the easiest way to get rid of mattresses in Fort Mill, Charlotte & the surrounding areas.

Mattresses are one of the most difficult household items to get rid of. But not with us. Easy, affordable & eco- friendly mattress removal services.

The easiest way to get rid of a mattress is to call us! If you have a mattress that needs to go, then we’d love to take it. No matter the size. Upstairs, downstairs, garage or curb. We’ll remove it from wherever it is.

Fast service. Professional team. Honest prices. 

If you want to do it yourself, read on for DIY mattress removal tips.

What are Mattress Removal Services?

An old mattress can take a lot of work to get rid of. It’s heavy, often stained, and challenging to dispose of properly. Mattress removal services can help with that. These businesses specialize in the hassle-free, secure, and environmentally responsible removal of old mattresses from bedding. Disposing mattresses properly is crucial to saving the environment and avoiding legal trouble. You can ensure that your old mattress is recycled or disposed of in a way that conforms with local laws by hiring mattress removal services.

How Mattress Removal Works

There are several ways to remove your old mattress, and mattress removal services can often handle them. Here’s a breakdown of your options:

  • Donation: Donate your mattress to a charity or shelter if it is still in good condition. Mattress removal services can often pick it up and deliver it to a donation center.
  • Resale: If your mattress is gently used, consider selling it online or through a furniture removal service. These services can help you move the mattress to the buyer.
  • Recycling: Many mattresses can be recycled, with the components broken down and reused in new products. Mattress removal services specializing in recycling will take your mattress to a facility where it can be processed responsibly.
  • Disposal: If your mattress is old, damaged, or infested, it may need to be disposed of. Mattress removal services can haul it away and ensure it’s disposed of properly, following local guidelines.

Whatever you choose, a mattress removal service can make the process quick and easy. They’ll handle your mattress’s loading, transportation, and disposal, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

We Have the Best Customers!

Getting rid of an old mattress is hard. They can’t be resold and most of the donation centers in our area won’t accept them. To make matters worse, they’re too bulky for regular curbside pickup. 

The average queen sized mattress weighs 120- 160 lbs and is 80 inches long. Too big to squeeze into the back of your SUV or to lay in the 6 ft. bed on your pickup truck. Save the trouble and the time. Call us!

DIY Tips for Disposing an Old Mattress

Getting rid of a mattress can be a challenge since they are large and not easily disposable. However, there are several ways to get rid of a mattress depending on your location, local regulations, and the condition of the mattress. Here are some common methods to get rid of a mattress:

  1. Municipal pick-up: In some areas, the local government provides curbside pickup of mattresses. Contact your local municipality to find out if they offer this mattress removal service and what the guidelines are for disposing of mattresses.

  2. Retailer pick-up: Some mattress retailers offer pick-up and disposal of old mattresses when you purchase a new one. Check with the retailer to see if they offer this service and what the fees are.

  3. Recycling: Mattresses are made up of several materials that can be recycled, such as metal springs, foam, and fabric. Check with your local recycling center to see if they accept mattresses and what the guidelines are for dropping them off. Note: There are few to none mattress recyclers in the Charlotte area. The closest one we know if is in Nashville, TN.

  4. Donation: If the mattress is still in good condition, consider donating it to a local charity, church, or non-profit organization. Many of these organizations accept donations of mattresses and will either use them in their programs or sell them to raise funds. Note: There are few donation centers who accept mattresses in Charlotte. You may need to check with churches and ministries. You may also try online groups like Facebook and NextDoor.

  5. Junk removal companies: Junk removal companies can also help you get rid of a mattress. They will typically come to your home, pick up the mattress, and dispose of it properly.

Remember to check with your local government to find out the regulations and guidelines for disposing of mattresses in your area. Some cities have specific rules about how mattresses must be prepared for disposal, so it’s important to follow these guidelines to avoid any fines or penalties.

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“Such nice gentlemen and the made the process stress free. There was no judgement about the clutter and mess and getting so much cleared away has been very liberating. Would highly recommend!!"
Sherry Lynn
“Five stars, no question. I booked online and they sent Mel the next day. Top notch professional. The items ranged from construction debris, kitchen cabinets, junk stored in the garage, paint cans, electronics, he even separated out the items to go to Goodwill."
Anne Geary

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