Resupply Services

Priority Donation Pickup. ReSupply.

Trash and Stash is proud to be part of the ReSupply network. Donation pickups in 48 hours or less. Fast service plus we’ll pick up everything. Regardless of staircases, disassembly or charity acceptance.

With ReSupply priority pickup, you’re charged a pickup fee that reflects operating costs. The fee is not tax deductible, but the items you donate are

How ReSupply Works

Support Your Local Charity

Serving popular donation centers including Goodwill Industries, Restore- Habitat for Humanity & Tender Hearts. They’ll turn your donation into non- profit aid.

Environment First

We offer your donation to multiple charities before responsibly recycling unwanted items.

Apply a Tax Deduction for Your Donation

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a digital tax receipt representing the items you donated to your local charity.

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in- house moving help service. Charlotte metro area

Perfect Pair: Get the incredible reach of ReSupply AND the exceptional service of Trash and Stash.

“There’s a handful of junk removal businesses across the country that scratch the surface of mitigating their disposal fees through donation but seeing that was on Trash & Stash’s website, it looks like something that was on the forefront of Cameron’s mind,” said Knittle. “At first glance it looked like a perfect fit. So, I called him and let him know about the program and we partnered up from there.”

– Bradford Knittle, Partnerships Manager, ReSupply

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Our Promise to You.

Exceptional Service: Our business is taking care of people. Connecting in real ways. That starts with being considerate, honest, respectful & accountable. Being shockingly human.

Environmentally Responsible: Leave things better than we found it. Be sustainable by adopting practices to reduce waste and encourage reuse.

Community Focused: Local and independent, we’re dedicated to serving our community and finding ways to give back. 

Customer Testimonials

“Such nice gentlemen and the made the process stress free. There was no judgement about the clutter and mess and getting so much cleared away has been very liberating. Would highly recommend!!"
Sherry Lynn
“Five stars, no question. I booked online and they sent Mel the next day. Top notch professional. The items ranged from construction debris, kitchen cabinets, junk stored in the garage, paint cans, electronics, he even separated out the items to go to Goodwill."
Anne Geary
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