Pro junk removal tips: Shipping materials.

How do I get rid of pallets?

Whether it’s your home or business, here’s the easiest, fastest and most effective way to get rid of pallets and other shipping materials.

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How do I get rid of pallets?

It’s best to recycle or repurpose old pallets. There are a few pallet companies in the greater Charlotte area who will pick pallets up and may even buy old pallets from you. The problem is they deal in volume (typically a min of 400 pallets). If you don’t have enough for a pallet buyer, you still have options. Pinterest is littered with repurposed pallet ideas. Green walls, patio bars, sectional sofas and more.

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How many pallets get thrown away?

It’s estimated that 508 million new pallets were manufactured while only 25 million were landfilled. This is 95% recycling rate (2016). National Wooden Pallet & Container Assoc.

The next best way to get rid of pallets and other shipping materials is to call a professional junk removal service that prioritizes environmentally responsible disposal practices. There are lots of reasons why this is the best way to get rid of pallets.

  1. Efficiency- Our experienced team brings expertise and efficiency, ensuring items are properly sorted, recycled, or disposed of. Your time is valuable and we make sure it isn’t wasted.
  2. Safety- We handle heavy lifting and potential safety hazards, sparing you from risks.
  3. Save time & money- With a streamlined process, you save time and effort compared to tackling it alone. Our service prevents multiple trips to disposal sites and disassembly efforts translating to cost savings.
  4. Get your space back- We transform your garage, yard or business into an organized, functional space, minimizing stress and maximizing results. Choose the smart path to a clutter-free garage by entrusting professionals for the best and hassle-free outcome.

Still want to go it alone? No problem. Read on for pro tips to get rid of pallets.

Let us help get rid of your pallets.

Tired of pallets and shipping materials taking up valuable space at your home or business? We understand the challenges of dealing with bulky and cumbersome items like pallets and packaging materials. That’s why we offer a hassle-free solution that makes the process incredibly easy.

Our skilled professionals are equipped with the expertise and tools needed to swiftly and safely remove pallets and shipping materials from your property. No more struggling with heavy loads or trying to figure out where to dispose of them – we’ve got it covered. Plus, our commitment to responsible disposal means you can trust us to handle everything in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Go it alone. Pro DIY tips for getting rid of pallets.

Getting rid of pallets can be straightforward with these steps:

  1. Reuse or Repurpose: If in good condition, consider reusing or repurposing pallets for DIY projects.

  2. Sell or Donate: Online platforms or local businesses might be interested in purchasing or accepting pallets.

  3. Curbside Pickup: Some areas have bulk trash pickup days; check with your local waste management.

  4. Recycling Centers: Locate pallet recycling facilities in your area; they can dismantle and repurpose pallets.

  5. Local Woodworking Shops: Check if nearby woodworking or craft shops can use the pallet wood.

  6. DIY Projects: Disassemble pallets and use the wood for various projects.

  7. Junk Removal Services: Professional services can collect and dispose of pallets properly.

  8. Community Swaps: Explore community groups or social media for pallet exchanges.

  9. Composting: If untreated, non-treated pallets can be used as compost material.

  10. Landfill: As a last resort, some landfills accept pallets for disposal.

Remember to consider the condition and type of pallets before choosing a disposal method. Always opt for eco-friendly options whenever possible.

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