The Importance of Cardboard Recycling Services

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Over 90 per cent of all the products shipped in the United States of America are packaged in cardboard, and almost the majority of that goes into the trash and eventually finds its way to the landfill. This highlights the unfortunate condition of cardboard paper and the “bleeding trees” harvested to produce it.

But thankfully, many communities across the nation are now making efforts to recycle cardboard. The goal is to reduce the level of trash in landfills and shield the environment and trees from further destruction and degradation.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the importance of cardboard recycling services and how they benefit both the environment and individuals.

Environmental Benefits 

  • It Helps reduce the effect of global warming.

Cardboard dumped at the landfill usually breaks down and releases a harmful greenhouse gas called “methane.” Methane is a major contributor to global warming, with its impact being about 20 per cent greater than that of carbon dioxide. As cardboard articles are recycled to produce more papers by a credible service provider like Trash and Stash, the greenhouse gas level is reduced significantly. When 1 ton of cardboard is recycled, it corresponds to a 1-ton reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

  • It Reduces energy consumption.

Because cardboard is made from processed wood fibers, it requires less recycling than a completely new product. When less energy is needed to recycle something, it means we use fewer fuel sources, which is better for the environment and reduces harm to ecosystems.

  • Water conservation

Making paper products from wood materials requires a significant amount of water. On the other hand, recycled cardboard has already passed through the processing stage, meaning less water is needed to produce new materials. When you process recycled cardboard with Trash and Stash, you save approximately 7000 gallons of water for every ton of cardboard recycled through our services.

  • It helps save the forest.

Another positive impact of cardboard recycling service on the environment is the reduced number of trees cut down yearly. Cutting down trees has been a big reason why global warming is happening. But thanks to advanced cardboard recycling tech, we’re cutting fewer trees to make stuff, which is great for the environment. Recycling 1 ton of cardboard paper saves about 12 to 17 trees, helping to keep natural habitats safe and our ecosystems healthy.

  • Enable more landfill space to become available.

It’s no secret that most of the county’s landfills are filled with cardboard. As Trash and Stash prioritize cardboard recycling service, we spare more land that would have otherwise been designated landfills. For example, recycling 1 ton of cardboard makes nine cubic yards of landfill space available.

The Role of Businesses and Individuals 

Cardboard recycling services by credible firms like Trash and Stash are successful and bring cost savings and improved operational efficiency for businesses. A more systematic approach to cardboard disposal produces perks like an optimal waste management process, a reduction in landfill expenses, and the generation of extra revenue through the sale of recycled materials. Additionally, a neat and organized working environment improves safety and employee morale, thus creating a more efficient workplace.

For individuals, cardboard recycling services provide comfort, convenience, and peace. Whether you’re moving, cleaning out your garage, or just getting a bunch of packages every week, having access to dependable recycling options means you can responsibly dispose of your cardboard waste. At Trash and Stash, we’re here to help you reclaim your space and declutter your home. Instead of letting excess boxes pile up and create a mess, our convenient recycling services offer a hassle-free solution. Whether you opt for curbside pickup or drop-off at our recycling center, you can say goodbye to home clutter and hello to a tidier living area. For a free estimate, feel free to contact our team at 855-52-TRASH or 803-720-2054.

Also, favoring cardboard recycling services increases the general welfare of our communities. Recycling waste reduces the pressure on local waste management systems and protects valuable resources. Furthermore, recycling plants not only create job opportunities but also contribute to economic vitality, enhancing the vibrancy of our neighborhoods and elevating the standard of living for residents.

Final Takeaway

If you’re looking for premium cardboard recycling services in Clover, Fort Mill, Indian Land, Lake Wylie/ Tega Cay, Lancaster, Rock Hill, and surrounding South Carolina areas, your search ends here. Our team at Trash and Stash is dedicated to providing you with top-notch recycling solutions tailored to your needs. With our commitment to environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to handle your cardboard recycling with professionalism and care. Our friendly, professional, and efficient team caters to both commercial and residential spaces, ensuring your surroundings stay clutter-free.

By choosing us for your professional cardboard recycling needs, you not only contribute to a cleaner, greener future but also support economic growth and community vitality. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the world around us. Contact us at 855-52-TRASH or 803-720-2054 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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Get 10%* Off junk removal & moving help when you donate $25 or more to the Isabella Santos Foundation. Help increase the survival rate for kids with rare pediatric cancers.

*Up to $100 discounted from Junk Removal & Moving Help total.

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